Opossum Pedicure

Aug 12, 2010 · 1985 views

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Check out this lady and her pet opossum.


  1. This woman is totally channeling Deven Green

  2. Chickengirl says:

    That woman is all kinds of crazy! that opossum was just like “well I guess this is happening…..”

    entertaining though….

  3. wowboy says:

    I love her!!!!!!!!! She is a Opossum-mama Diva! I was so freaked out when I saw that rodent next to her, but she makes her pet opossum look sooooooooooooooooo cute!! not that I want one, but I won’t be so quick to get an exterminator now.

  4. opossum lover says:

    This very anoying to see a old woman thniking that’s the way to give care to a opossum… Opos is not a domesticable animal and these two vids is useless for those. SHe have a stupid cute humour and this is should not be a way to give care to wild animals. Nice effort mam but is worth nothing, just let’s your opos outside before he could not be able to survive in the nature.

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