VIDEO: Peruvian Bishop Luis Bambarén: Call Them “Maricones”

Jan 25, 2011 · 1985 views

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Bishop Luis Bambarén is a moron. At the very end of the video clip, Peruvian Bishop Luis Bambarén asks why the reporters are using the English word “gay” which is both positive and commonly used […]


  1. HRHJosh says:

    Thanks Marc-y Boi! 🙂

  2. Here’s a fascinating take from my mother who works as a college level Spanish teacher:

    About that Peruvian bishop – when he says ‘castellano’ and ‘criollo’, what he is doing is harking back to the Counter Revolution of the 16th & 17th century, when the Catholic Church was doing everything in its power to fight against the Reformation. Reformation – Luther – brought freedom from the mental constraints that the Catholic Church had put on society, thereby allowing science to flourish.

    Using the 2 terms is also a signal of underhanded anti semitism. Isabela & Fernando had kicked out the Jews and the Arabs from Spain, and what that brought was a downfall of the economic system, because the Jews were (mostly) the lawyers and clerks and the Arabs were the farmers.

    The ‘pure bloods’ , los hidalgos (hijos de algo) were mimicked by Don Quijote, who never worked a day in his life. What the bishop is really saying is that he wants the world to go back several hundred years. And you were right, he is trying to justify the use of a slur by all this linguistic manipulation.

    Another point – languages are fluid. We have words which originated from many other languages, and for him to reject the word ‘gay’, which has become totally acceptable in modern society, he is thereby rejecting all ‘foreign’ words in Spanish, like ‘issue’ and ‘standard’, which are from English, and have been meshed into Spanish for many years.

    We use ‘guerilla’ and ‘alamo’, just to think of 2 words in English that are derived from Spanish, and ‘hors d’oeuvres’ from French, without ever thinking about their etymology.

    • I don’t get what you are getting at here. I didn’t listen to all of his talk as I was only concentrating on the end “maricones’ stuff and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is also an anti-semite but what does the Reformation have to do with his antigay slurs?

      Fausto, you seem very confused about the word ‘castellano’ and ‘criollo.’

      In Peru they use the word ‘castellano’ to mean the Spanish language- and there’s nothing more to it. There’s no nuance to it whatsoever, it just means Spanish. Just because you grew up saying “espanol” doesn’t mean that people that say ‘castellano’ have some sort of agenda- they don’t. It’s just a word and as hard as it for you to accept, it’s true. It was hard for me to wrap my head around it too when I stayed in Peru but that’s just the way it is.

      And by ‘criollo’ he means a mix of the Spanish and English language which I translated as “Spanglish,” which is a really good translation in this context, if I do say so myself.

    • It’s also confusing me because you are talking about a couple of different time periods- the Counter Reformation and the Reconquista.

  3. My mom also added:

    Oh, I forgot to add – a very misogynistic culture, the Counter Reformation! and THAT’s the real reason he’s against gays – they’re too ‘feminine’, exactly what the Counter Reformation, Catholic Church was pushing against. So the irony is that they have “María” on a pedestal but can’t stand her guts, so “maricón’ is therefore entirely acceptable. (-cón is a derogatory suffix).

    Twisted, to say the least! Sor Juana was for science and women’s liberation, even within the constraints of her church and bishop, and that’s why they had to destroy her.

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