VIDEO: Kirstie Alley Crushes Dance Partner on DWTS

Apr 5, 2011 · 1985 views

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I don’t know if she’s crushing her competition this season on Dancing with the Stars but she’s certainly crushing her dance partner. Added bonus, she’s dancing to “Over the Rainbow.”


  1. J Seth Anderson says:

    ahhhh!! Sad! How embarrassing

    • mododavid says:

      “MOOOOOOVE Over Butter.” I forget where I remember that from, but that’s what your comment reminded me of.

    • mododavid says:

      It’s obviously not a matter of her mass – althought I guess that didn’t help. He practically threw her into the air from the floor. It’s a matter of him overextending his center of gravity. He should have had better footing, but know one will ever remember that. (FYI: I can’t stand scientologists – no matter how endearing there were in my childhood. So, I’m not defending her cause I like her. She’s a dipshit.)

  2. If happy little bluebirds fly
    Beyond the rainbow
    Why, oh why can’t I?

  3. Cole says:

    Yes, she messed up. And yes, her dancing wasn’t that great. I just wish that people would leave her alone for a while..
    I was an overweight kid in grade school and I looked like Puggsley Adams! (I was chubby, had the blonde crew-cut and all!) These days, I don’t have the abs and pecs and everything, but I look much better than I used to! I’m not “fat”, but I’m also not “cut”, or “ripped” either. I’m not an underwear model, but I think I’m damn good.
    People should lay off of the fat jokes on Kirstie, she’s made fun of herself on that subject already. (see “Fat Actress”).
    In conclusion, unless you have been overweight, or are overweight, or have known what it’s like to deal with that via a family member, close friend, etc; then I say that you should stop being so shallow and just be nice to people–be it a celebrity or a normal person. No matter what your social status, we all have feelings.

    • It’s important to know your limitations.

      • Cole says:

        Yes, Joe, it is important to know your limitations. But what I’m saying is that not everyone fits into a “Calvin Klein” type of mold. We could go on and on about the finer points of this issue–from politics all the way down to pop culture. I say let’s just agree to disagree, (or somewhat agree?)
        Anywho, I am not some angry activist or anything….I just hope that we can respect each other’s opinions.

  4. William says:

    So I watched this whole silly video waiting for some Kirstie crushing action and no dice…….biggest thing that happens is her partners leg tremors and he drops her. Some men just can’t handle a real woman.

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