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FOF #2351 - Muscle Queens Who Pump Us Up - 06.29.16

FOF #2351 – Muscle Queens Who Pump Us Up

Many drag queens draw their feminine inspiration from glamorous or even outrageous women, but some more athletic gals get their drag-spiration from muscular, strong glamazons who are ready to stop a war with love and make a liar tell the truth.

Joining us is Chicago muscle queen Alex Kay, who’s known to arm wrestle, flex and pig out onstage as Kourtney Kardashian eating a Kit Kat candy bar.

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FOF #2350 - Riding with Trojan - 06.28.16

FOF #2350 – Riding with Trojan

Maybe everyone was on their best behavior because there were snipers positioned on the rooftops, or maybe it was that many folks decided to stay home due to the horrific Orlando Massacre, but this year’s Chicago Pride celebration was a festive, thoughtful and intimate event.

Today we take a look at Pride celebrations, in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and London.

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Ginger Minj - Ginger Pie w/ Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

Ginger Minj – Ginger Pie w/ Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

Anyone want a slice? Ginger pie is also known as a “chess pie.” These pies became popular during the American Revolutionary War, where it was considered good manners to keep a chest full of pies in case a hungry soldier stopped by and wanted a slice.

Joining us today to make this delicious ginger pie with vodka infused whipped cream is Ginger Minj, a cross dresser for Christ, whose name literally means ginger pie, kinda sorta. Dedicated to the people of Orlando, Florida.

FOF #2347 - Staceyann Chin is Motherstruck - 06.22.16

FOF #2347 – Staceyann Chin is Motherstruck

A lot of LGBT folks don’t become parents by accident. For most, it’s a conscious choice to bring a new person into this world and that process can be fraught with many unforeseen obstacles.

Listen as renowned poet and performance artist Staceyann Chin joins us to talk about how she turned her wild ride to motherhood into a one woman show “Motherstruck.”

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FOF #2346 - Silence Equals Death - 06.21.16

FOF #2346 – Silence Equals Death

In the mid 80s, a broken healthcare system and a government content with letting people die from AIDS forced artists to make art that challenged, inspired and aroused the public to change their views on LGBT folks, HIV & AIDS.

Today, we take a look at the future of LGBT rights by taking a look at the iconic artists collective that inspired a generation of people to act up, fight back and fight AIDS.

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FOF #2343 - Flowers and Candles for Pride - 06.13.16

FOF #2343 – Flowers and Candles for Pride

This year’s Pride season kicked off with the worst mass shooting in American history as a man armed with an assault rifle killed 50 people and wounded at least 53 at a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

Today, we take a look at people’s reactions to the massacre, what it means for LGBT folks in Pride season, and what would Mister Rogers have said about the incident.

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FOF #2342 - The Women Who Inspired Drag Queens - 06.10.16

FOF #2342 – The Women Who Inspired Drag Queens

Behind every great drag queen is a great woman- female entertainers who inspired them to be the outrageous drag queen we all love.

Today drag queen historian and video blogger Jaymes Mansfield, who draws his inspiration from the tragic 60s blond bombshell Jayne Mansfield, joins us to talk about the great women who inspired great drag queens.

FOF #2340 - Tom Goss Goes Viral - 06.08.16

FOF #2340 – Tom Goss Goes Viral

Tom Goss has had two very different music videos go viral: the playfully sexy “Bears” and the teen angst filled cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.” At what point does the viral success of his videos affect his future work?

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session to play his viral hits and he gives us a sneak peek of new music from his upcoming album.

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FOF #2339 - Making Your Pride Celebration Fierce - 06.07.16

FOF #2339 – Making Your Pride Celebration Fierce

Over the decades, what used to be a cozy gathering of brave souls marching for equality and commemorating the Stonewall Riots has grown to become a huge celebration of sexual and gender diversity.

Today, our thirst quenching gal pal Joan Waters joins us to give you some fabulous tips and tricks to make your Pride celebration fierce and fabulous.

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FOF #2338 - When Fashion Kills - 06.03.16

FOF #2338 – When Fashion Kills

The fashion industry hasn’t always had our best interests at heart- even back in the Victorian era, the Rational Dress Society was fighting against the ridiculous corsets women were forced to wear.

Today writer Zach Stafford joins us to take a look at futuristic jumpsuits as a way to make clothing more economical and ecologically friendly.

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