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FOF #2123 - Internet Wins - 02.27.15

FOF #2123 – Internet Wins

Today is a very good day for net neutrality. It’s a victory for anyone who has something to say and needs to get the word out. Hey! That’s us!

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, to weigh in on what this ruling means for folks on Instagramland, YouTube land, Twitter land and folks all across the lands.

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Lady Gaga Defeats Madonna

Lady Gaga Defeats Madonna

Follow every rainbow, til you find your dream. Your browser does not support the video tag

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FOF #2121 - The Day After the Oscars - 02.24.15

FOF #2121 – The Day After the Oscars

This year’s Oscars were walking on eggshells over snubbing African American films and actors, but then the drama continued next day as viewers began to unpack all the shenanigans at the Academy Awards.

Today we’re taking a look at more of the stuff that went down on the Oscars, like—

Oscar Winning Imitation Game Writer Graham Moore says he’s not gay, just weird.

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FOF #2119 - Peaches Christ’s Oscar Picks for 2015 - 02.20.15

FOF #2119 – Peaches Christ’s Oscar Picks for 2015

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and many folks will place their bets on who will snatch the coveted Oscars. We really have no idea who will win, but thankfully Peaches Christ has seen all the films at least twice, and is really really good at picking a winner.

Today, the glorious Peaches Christ, almighty saint of Hollywood camp and drag queens joins us to take a look at this year’s films likely to win an Oscar.

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FOF #2117 - Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful - 02.17.15

FOF #2117 – Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Many people view the idea of getting into a relationship with a hot sexy guy with grave trepidation. They fear they’ll ultimately get rejected for not measuring up.

And guess what? They may be right. At least according to a new study, which says handsome men are more inclined to be selfish making them more likely to get away with murder.

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FOF #2116 - Stick it or Lick it - 02.16.15

FOF #2116 – Stick it or Lick it

When it comes to her sex life, comedian Ali Clayton draws with all the crayons in the box.

Today the hilarious Ali Clayton joins us for an intense podcast as she shares with us her teenage substance abuse stories, bombing at the Apollo Theater and putting all her exes on blast.

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FOF #2115 - Valentine’s Day - 02.12.15

FOF #2115 – Valentine’s Day

We’re not sure why, but our neighborhood of Andersonville in Chicago has more drag queens per capita than any other neighborhood in the Midwest.

One lovely queen is our neighbor, Valentine’s Addams, whose photo where she’s dressed up as Donkey Kong in drag is making us gag.

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FOF #2114 - Kanye Pulls a Kanye - 02.10.15

FOF #2114 – Kanye Pulls a Kanye

At the Grammy Awards this Sunday, Beyonce was expected to win “Album of the Year,” but instead, the award went to Beck and Kanye wasn’t having it.

Joining us today is Brian Sweeney to take a look at the Oscars and the Grammys, Madonna’s bullfight and the late comedy icon Joan Rivers winning her first and final Grammy award.

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FOF #2113 - A Cupid Steals Our Hearts - 02.08.15

FOF #2113 – A Cupid Steals Our Hearts

Tommy Holl’s Christmas elf costume was too good to put away for an entire year, so he’s re-purposed the red body suit for a Valentines’ Day Cupid, and lo and behold, he’s getting some serious gigs as a goodwill ambassador for love.

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FOF #2112 - Celebrity Backlash - 02.06.15

FOF #2112 – Celebrity Backlash

It’s not all sunny skies for Hollywood publicist Josh Sabarra- even though his new tell-all memoir Porn Again is selling quite well, he has a few celebrities upset with him.

Today Josh Sabarra joins us to talk about the backlash he’s faced personally on publishing his memoir.

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