FOF #413 – Getting into Boy Trouble

Oct 23, 2006 · 35788 views

Cartoonist Robert Kirby on the Feast of Fools podcastRobert Kirby simply wanted to see the romantic stories of young gay men reflected in the publishing world and to reach out to other cartoonists like himself.

He started drawing his comic titled “Curbside” and then later (along with his friend David Kelly) started putting out the zine Boy Trouble, a self-made magazine featuring the drawings many artists who wrote illustrated stories about unrequited love, the desires of young gay men and survival.

Many years before the internet brought us blogs and chat rooms, the way many gay men found each other was through the small scale world of zines.

Today Robert Kirby joins us to talk about his new book “The Book of Boy Trouble” a collection of greatest hits from the popular zine’s first ten years. In addition to Robert Kirby and David Kelly, the book includes favorites like Michael Fahy’s “Valentine’s Day Love Poem,” Andy Hartzell’s “Dinner at Achmed’s,” and Anonymous Boy’s “The Non-adventures of Wayne,” plus 24 pages of spanking new work from both regular contributors and up-and-coming talents.

Listen as Gregg Shapiro and I talk with Robert Kirby about why gay men sometimes refer to each other as boys, the internet’s effect on self-publishing, and the need for a frank discussion of love and sex in gay culture.

The podcast that gets into trouble with sexy results- the Feast of Fools.

Featured Books:
• The Book of Boy Trouble
• Curbside Boys: The New York Years

Featured Music:
Christopher Dallman – Race the Light: iTunes | CD Baby


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