FOF #1182 – What Turns You On

Apr 28, 2010 · 38522 views

Sexual desire is a powerful thing. It shapes us in ways we may not even be aware. Many psychologists agree that it is the core of who we are as people. What turns you on is all about your hopes and dreams so it’s worth reflecting on and making art about it.

Today teacher, comedian and bondage babe Miss Tamale Sepp joins to talk about her recently finished MFA thesis, “Bound and Determined,” an installation of self-help books beautifully tied up with red ropes in Japanese bondage style and a performance piece where she reenacts a day in the life of a sadomasochistic high school teacher.

Listen as we talk with Tamale about how the torturous qualities of schools may actually benefit us and ancient forms of Asian erotic role play.

Hot News:

Chinese Pop Star Zhou Youping charged with the murder of six men in S&M sex games.

American Muslim bloggers threaten South Park and the Simpsons respond.

Whitney Houston croaks her way across Europe, struggling to sing her greatest hit “I Will Always Love You.” Can’t Whitney just get the Taiwanese Susan Boyle Lin Yu Chun to sing her songs for her?

Pam Grier tells all about how Richard Pryor poisoned her pussy.

GLADD gets mad again, the Washington Blade gets a second life and firefighters rescue an adorable little puppy trapped in a reclining chair.

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    • Here is a photo of it.

    • Blueboi says:

      It also lost the ‘H’ back in the 1940s when it’s official caretaker ploughed right through it (drink driving). THink it stayed like that for a few years.

    • Blueboi says:

      I must admit I never really understood/appreciated performing arts. Guess i’m the kind of guy sitting at the back yelling “get a job!”

      Lol, that Muslim revolutionary site has been hacked multiple times since that episode aired. I think it’s down at the moment.

      Lol rubberband guns are fun & handy to have. I remember my older brother making some when we were kids. we spend endless hours having rubberband battles 😛
      They do leave a mark though :p

  1. Shell says:

    I really enjoy the show, so I hope you’ll accept this comment as positive. Today’s guest was great.I really wanted more Tamale, and a bit less Fausto. He tends to take the conversation away from the interesting person being interviewed, and even to put words into the guest’s mouth. Keep up the great work, just listen a little more, k?

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