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VIDEO: Egg Porn: Who’s Excited for Easter?

If you don’t think Easter is gay, watch this clip.  It might change your mind. Possibly NSFW.  Definitely funny.

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Lego Goes All S&M

Here you thought Legos were just innocent little creatures that just liked to have fun…..well guess what – they’re all grown up and really do enjoy having “fun”. Check out this gallery of Lego’s enjoying […]

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VIDEO: All Star Old Lady on Old Lady S&M Horror

Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice– The great Geraldine Page is a murderous bitch to a sweet-as-pie Ruth Gordon in this super lezzie-charged S&M kill-fest. Ruth’s son is a smokey voiced hottie that you might remember […]

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Sex, Fetishes, and Social Networking. OH MY!

International Mr Leather or IML is fast approaching!  In less than two weeks, thousands of leather and kink enthusiasts will descend upon Chicago for a fun weekend-long event with plenty of networking opportunities.  Are you […]

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FOF #1182 – What Turns You On

Sexual desire is powerful, it shapes us in many unconscious ways. Many psychologists agree that it is the core of who we are as people and so it’s worth reflecting on and making art about it.

Today teacher, comedian and bondage babe Miss Tamale joins to talk about “Bound and Determined,” her art installation of self-help books beautifully tied up with red ropes in Japanese bondage style and her performance piece where she reenacts a day in the life of a sadomasochistic high school teacher.

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FOF #964 – A Brief History of Leather

Every year over Memorial Day weekend Chicago is host to the hugely popular International Mr. Leather Conference, a gathering for leather man and other assorted kinky types. We’ve seen everyone from Marlon Brando to Madonna […]

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