VIDEO: The Supreme Fabulettes – You Ruined My Xmas

Nov 29, 2012 · 51391 views

Drag queens really know how to take a miserable time and make it fun. Check out The Supreme Fabulettes in their new holiday song “You Ruined My X-Mas” directed by Boy George and Dean Stockings. The song will be featured in our upcoming Incredibly Strange Christmas Music Vol. 5, which features lots of fabulous musical abominations you’ve never heard of before. Think of this as the musical collection of the Island of Misfit Toys. Got a song you’d like to see featured in our holiday show we haven’t played yet? Tell us about it!

Everyone remembers the video’s director Boy George from Culture Club, who for some reason hid behind a flower for his cover of the Out 100.

Someone bring Boy George a plate of food, the poor guy is starving and is having to eat the chrysanthemums.

You may not know who Dean Stockings is, but you’ve probably admired much of his beefcake photography over the years on gay magazines like DNA. Lucky guy!

Icy nipples! Photo by Dean Stockings.

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