Ask Lady Bunny Anything!

May 29, 2014 · 1985 views

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Ask Lady Bunny anything! Remember, the best questions will be used on the show, so don’t fuck it up.


  1. Isabelle Appleton says:

    Is Bianca del Rio really a whore?

  2. Josh says:

    More to just hear her make some hilarious comment and make fun of all her friends, I’d like to know who she thinks would win in an 80s version of a drag race with her and other famous queens of that era competing while at that age.

  3. Paraphrase this question into a less wordy jumble of words please!!!! ……I really enjoy listening to you speak about social issues & politics in your last fof interviews and your blog but one thing you mentioned in an old fof interview was how lgbtq community no longer seemed to have a focus for its activism/modern day advocates for the gay community such as GLAAD have conservative goals. Do you think that the digitalization of activism has led to a generation of people hiding behind a computer screen arguing on facebook and not actually going forward and participating in actual change/the right change? How do we change this?’

    Sorry that was so long! Just intrigued to hear opinions on this topic since Lady Bunnys last interviews had a strong political theme to them!

  4. Divine Grace says:

    Can we expect to see “Clown’s Syndrome” on DVD or online? There are many fans around the world who are unable to attend her sell-out runs in NYC, and would pay top dollar to watch her hilarity!

  5. PHATIMA says:

    I’d love to know more about Bunny’s earlier drag years–how did you get into drag? Do you have a drag mother? At what age and under what circumstances did you first meet Ru? What’s the craziest thing you two ever did together?

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