FOF #1994 – Lady Bunny is a Carnival of Fun

May 30, 2014 · 1985 views

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Lady Bunny is back with “Clowns Syndrome,” a brand new show full of the raunchy humor that’s made Bunny an entertainment institution for three decades. And by that I mean she’s really old and belongs in an institution.

Listen as the phenomenal Lady Bunny joins us to talk about the clash between younger and older generations and performers and audiences over the use of controversial words. You don’t want to miss every delicious minute of this podcast!


  1. colaboy29 says:

    That Lady Bunny can talk! Very funny, but seems a bit too paranoid that everyone is out to get the LGBT community. I admit there is bad stuff out there, but we have allies in the straight community. If we didn’t I don’t we would see marriage equality in as many states as we do.

    • Bryce says:

      I didn’t think she was being paranoid. I mean this is someone who has witnessed first hand the AIDS crisis in the 80s and many pivotal moments in LGBT history. I think our generation takes a lot for granted which is why it saddens me that we are still beating each other up over the tranny/she-male debate.

    • Bryce says:

      I absolutely loved this interview with Lady Bunny. I wish RuPaul – and maybe he has his reasons – would make himself more accessible to the public like Lady Bunny does. Lady Bunny is truly a pioneer and I loved hearing her stories. We have come a long way as a community but we still have a long road ahead of us. Lady Bunny is also from my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee so I love that there’s an example of someone who was able to make it out of the south.

      Fausto and Marc, as always, I love you both. XOXO

  2. Bunny is a national treasure! I could listen to her talk forever. I just bought my tickets to see Clowns Syndrome next Tuesday! Can’t wait!

  3. Divine Grace says:

    This was a fantastic show!

    Of course I adore Bunny, but many great points were made all around!

    Thanks so much for this!

  4. Artemisia says:

    I liked listening to Lady Bunny’s perspective. She sounds fun to hang out with.

    She mentioned a few big LGBT issues even I hadn’t heard about. I consider my self an activist but really I’m just your garden variety protester. Tell me where the rally is and I’m down lol.
    I don’t see Ru Paul as the enemy ether. I agree that as a community we are being picky. While words do upset haters put us in the hospital or the ground.
    I really worry because in the LGBT we have a common enemy of haters with the power to take the rights we have gotten, or keep us from having a job to survive. Everytime we fight amongst our selves we let the haters move in.

    I was wondering if you might talk about this group TERF, Trans exclusive radical feminist, sometime. It’s feminist hate group! I didn’t know much about them but I’ve been hearing about them from some trans and after reading about the them they really gave me the creeps. It’s a feminist group of mostly lesbians that wants to take trans rights. I cried, because I go to gay places as a safe space… When you have no place to turn you turn to dark thoughts. I’ve tried suicide twice and if I didn’t have the friends I have in the gay community I probably wouldn’t be here, and then a group of gays hating trans comes along!? : (
    Just makes my skin crawl

    By the way guys I was having some problems commenting so heres a few little back episode comments.

    I liked the show with Samy. He sounded like a sweaty. It was cool hearing from someone who was around during the creation of gay history and how things changed.

    By the way Mark, there is nothing wrong with ketchup on eggs. Ketchup on eggs, rock! Though I’m vegan so I haven’t had ketchup on eggs for like 3 years lol… Still, you derisive to express your eggs any way you want with out being criticized ‘ )

    A couple shows back.
    Stuff with words.

    Gypsy now slur for Roma, where it came from is thought to be Egypt. Sorry for no citation, I heard people originally thought they where out of Egypt. *Shrugs* I was board one day and wanted to know a bit about the Roma because one of my nick names is Gypsy Gurl ‘ )

    Another weird little word geek for you.
    Goth which appose for Goth look in dress in architecture refers to buildings with lots of light, românesc is the dark creepy buildings we see in old horror movies. Goth originally was from the visa goths from around Germany used to be the same way as we would say something is “barbaric” we would say “thats so goth”, because the goths once sacked Rome.

    Just figured I’d mention a few cool words that have changed over the years, mainly because I didn’t wanna add more to the trans* terms argument, but it just goes to show how goth was seen as a bad word now is more just a style of music and dress.

    *Shrugs* yeah I’m a nerd ‘ )

    Talk to you later “LOVE” <3

  5. Selina says:

    Hey guys,

    I absolutely loved this show. I could listen to Lady Bunny’s squeaky voice all day long.

    About the Cooking with Drag Queens show, are you still taking endorsement videos for that or are you only looking for famous queens to record them?

    I started doing a youtube show and should be filming another episode this weekend so I’d be happy to record a short endorsement and send it to you.

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