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Trapped on a Whore Boat, Part 2

After a few dark days in that cage, a new whore named Honey walked and and told me it was time to earn. Earn? Darlin’, I don’t earn anything. I am given and I TAKE! […]

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I Was Trapped on a Whore Boat, Part 1

When I woke up, darlins, my head was throbbin’ and not like it does from coke. My pannies were sopping wet and not like they do from… things. It was dark like when I am […]

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Bought Myself a Fancy Present, Darlins

Hi there, darlins. Had to share somethin’ that just happened to me. Over Christmas (which, by the way, NO ONE thanked me for my thoughtful gifts!) I decided to buy myself a new slav… um… […]

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My First Blog Entry – Merry Christmas, Darlin’

Hey there, darlins. I was sittin’ here at my diamond studded iMac (they only made ONE for me!) lookin’ at pictures of myself. Lookin’ at pictures of me makes me think of all the people […]

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Woman Has Sex With Animals — Gives Them STD!

Darlin, I have known alot of whores, but this woman is worse than Nomi! She has sex with many, many different kinds of animals and gave an STD to a Jack Russell Terrier! WHOREY! Altoona […]

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Jiz – the Abortion Episode

This Jiz has the same opinions I have on babies, darlin’.

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Make Yourself a Pretty Lady With Rupaul’s Dragulator

Try it darlins… you know you want to.

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Darlin, I Think This is Nomi Malone Doing a Pretty Lady ”Dance.”

According to Youtube: “Sissy dancing and simpering in her sissy blue heaven dress.”

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Nomi doesn’t have limits, darlin’. She things spreadin’ STDs is sharin’. Carin’ and sharin’, Nomi-style. » More

On Woman Has Sex With Animals — Gives Them STD!

Well darlin’, I didn’t do the voices but I do approve. Fausto, I love FOF and I can’t help but contribute, darlin’. » More

On Jiz – the Abortion Episode

Well darlin, I was glad to hear this interview. I mean, she ain’t in “Goddess” but I guess I can let that slide this time. But…... » More


Darlin, does this make you want to dress up in her lacy lady delicates and prance from room to room? » More

On Darlin, I Think This is Nomi Malone Doing a Pretty Lady ”Dance.”

Thanks, darlins. Cristal Connors loves the Feast of Fun! After all, that is what I used to call my vagina. » More

On Why Cristal Connors is Goddess (Because She Loves the Feast of Fun)