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Hello guys, sorry for not being able to comment earlier but still I’m here! LOL Well, I’m just stunned about Solitaire voice and her portuguese accent, it... » More

On FOF #949 – Feast of Fun

Wow, I had to listen the show twice to understand him, but it was great, though. I loved him, I watched him once or twice and I... » More

On FOF #761 – Bucking the System

We have to agree with Fausto, Rob really is a gorgeous guy, isn’t he? Congrats Rob!! Sal-E, I’m still trying to say it but I don’t know how... » More

On SHOW #17 – Goodie Box

Lol, I agree with u Faustol, no one can resist of the penis’s power!!! HAHAHA I’ll be one of the damn commenter today, coz I’m tired and... » More

On FOF #646 – Dame ENDA

oh my god Marc I’m sorry to tell you that, but frankly you can’t sing at all, but do not stop coz I love your voice... » More

On FOF #645 – Live from The Stud Bar in San Francisco!