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This show was interesting and thought provoking to a point. For most of your listeners who have gone through that self doubt phase and the... » More

On FOF #690 – Shirley Phelps: An Unlikely Champion

WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I loved all the Comic book stuff with today’s show. Wonderful guest with a cool perspective. One thing i would like to... » More

On FOF #689 – Problems with Preppies

Tracy is a wonderful addition to the show. Good energy and what a voice!! Florida and pearl were the highlights for me what... » More

On FOF #687 – Caught in the Act

Great Show guys and Tracy you have to come back soon. That story you told in the beginning was hilarious and HOT!!!! I... » More

On FOF #680 – Do You Believe

This show was great!! CUPCAKE!!!! i had to stop it a few times cuz it got so intense. John was a gracious... » More

On FOF #655 – Up for Anything