FOF #655 – Up for Anything

Nov 21, 2007 · 1985 views

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One of our most dedicated listeners, John Ryan loves to have sex and we think that is great! If people wore colored hankies to indicate their sexual interests, John would wear an orange hankerchief on […]


  1. GRW144 says:

    ugh…. I feel so skeeved out! This one got deleted within the first 5 minutes. Guys… keep it to ENTERTAINMENT, not Who-Can-Do-What-With-Their-Dick. BLECK!

  2. i personally think this was a fine podcast. it answered some questions we have all had roaming around in our head.

  3. I agree with Limegreenkid, we all need to keep ourselves open to new ideas and remember we all should only do what we are comfortable doing with our partner. We have to keep an open dialog with our partners as to what boundaries we all have. Good, Sexy show Fausto and Marc. and FOF PEZ dispenser of the Crystal Skull thinks so too!!

  4. matt says:

    Yes, we should not be afraid to explore new and stimulating sexual adventures. Unfortunately I am too vanilla. You do not have to do the acts he discussed, but you can use your imagination.

  5. Calok says:

    wooooooooooooooooo fedidishes rock, note to self…. bye orange hanky

  6. Buzz says:

    Excellent cast today boys!

    It was great to hear Throbbin and his adventures in the BDSM lifestyle! I was so excited, I posted about it in my Live Journal!

    As for hankeys… I flag ’em on my right (sub side) and the colors I show the most: Yellow, Gray, Houndstooth (worn in the middle), and naturally my newest one- lightning bolts.


  7. groggy says:

    You forgot to ask if he would eat somebody’s earwax.

    I think that the word ‘cupcake’ was used too much. I would like to hear some more. Everytime it was getting interesting someone said cupcake. Do you really need this self-censorship? I don’t like the attitude ‘I don’t even want to hear about it’. I get it too much in my country.

    I got ill 🙁 But now I have more time to browse fof archives!

  8. Throbbin says:

    Left side boys! I wear it on the left 😀

  9. SAL-E says:

    I wear Silver La-may…………….that means STARFUCKER!
    I wear it all over………………
    Can’t wait to see you again!
    Love ya

  10. michael says:

    Funny, interesting and very entertaining show – with a great and very cool guest again. I have to agree though that you should have dared to fathom some of the topics a bit more. The safeword was hilarious but for my taste always a little bit to early 🙂 Thanks for showing us vanilla queens some very thrilling and intriguing insights into a fascinating world. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ventura79 says:

    VERY VERY INTERESTING SHOW!!! by any chance does anyone watch NIP/TUCK? on last nite’s episone they had this lady who had a crazy fetish where she gets into a bathtub full of ice, to the point where she gets hipothermia, in order to stop the physical effects of hipothermia she is gonna drug herself, at the point where she looses conciousness, hot Doctor Troy is gonna get her out of the ice filled tub, cover her and start fucking her.

    Her theory was that, (while she is half frozen and half dead) and Dr Troy is pumpin her, his body heat will warm her up and she will come back life on an orgasmic fashion! turns out she overdoes the tub thing and almost dies.

    There is some crazy shit out there, some i have tried, but i dont like losing control during sex.. SACA LA PRESION!

  12. Kris says:

    I gotta admit, I almost turned it off within the first 15 minutes, but I kept listening. A little weirded out by some of the stuff, but definitely interesting for the lack of a better term. To each their own, right? This show ranks off the TMI (Too Much Information) chart, but still hillarious and informative as always.

  13. heh i was actually LOLing thru most of the show… yeah i cringed at some of the things that were said but i laughed at the same time. i actually thought it was gonna be even more explicit. plus you guys said cupcake a lot or the the convo about one fetish got cut off pretty quickly. i wanted to hear more about the Nazi uniform fetish ‘^’

    and John didn’t seem too “freakish” and it seemed like he was turned off by hetero sex quite a bit…and he didn’t seem like the guy who would re-create the twogirlsand1cup scene xBBBB and he said no to several of the questions you asked him…

    but the show was very entertaining..its interesting to hear about everyone’s kinks..yeah some of them may gross me out, but not to the point where i think “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU FREAK”

  14. Mr_Noyes says:

    The hooks and cannibalism stuff was way over the top – yes, it does exist but still… It’s like, say, a vanilla type gay talking to heterosexuals about his sexuality and starting right off with orgies with 20+ participants. I also liked Throbbin’s comment about vanilla people: If they don’t want it, the probably don’t need it. Vanillas need kink as much as kinks need vanilla 😉

    As for the safeword, a good session doesn’t need a safeword, because the Top cares for the bottom. It’s called safe, sane, consensual for a reason. 😉

    There is an aesthetic side to kink, too. If I have time I might show you a photograph or two from a professional japanese rope bondage shooting I once … um … supervised.

  15. George says:

    Do you guys really need a warning? :p I’ve heard much worst stuff from you guys.

  16. Throbbin says:

    I’m happy to do some “no-safeword” Q&A with anyone here if they want. It was fun to play it up a little bit on the show. So while I may never have done str8 sex but it doesn’t mean I never would – maybe 😉 And yeah xChickengirlx, I saw 2girls1cup, that’s not quite my scene entirely, but parts of it, well…

    There’s a lot out there and I don’t know that anyone could possibly be into everything. It’s why there are the negotiations done beforehand, right?

  17. SAL-E says:

    I love it when you talk like that………………..You already have my Email and YOU WILL KEEP IN CONTACT!

  18. DCRyan says:

    OMG…I love that this show had one of the patented FOF lists that becomes more and more ridiculous building up to a crescendo of hilarity (anyone remember the episode where Fausto pretended to be Lady Bunny hawking her new product lines?). I laughed so hard when Marc said, “Do you stick Japanese eggplants up your butt?” Another great show boys!!!

  19. PupDon says:

    OMG, Marc did not mention the Blue Streak. Okay, there is not a single thing talked about in this podcast that is more dangerous than the Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park. Well, okay, I haven’t been there since 1990 but I’m sure it hasn’t been refurbished and is probably more dangerous now than it was back then! Yikes! (and of course I rode it about a hundred times that summer, tee hee).

    I had a hard time getting through this show. Mainly because I had to keep running to the bathroom to… how do you say… release the pressure? LOL! Plus I think Throbbin is so damn hot. It took everything I had not to start humping his leg at Disneyland. Woof woof!

    One thing I’ve noticed is that straight people think that all gay people are the same. When I first came out my straight friends would introduce me to their other gay friends thinking we would be perfect for each other when they were not at all someone I would be interested in. But now that I live a kinky lifestyle I find that even other gay people think that we are all the same. Like if you’re into leather then you must be into scat and getting cut and being hung from hooks and all that. Everyone is different. Sure, I’ve done electro and had needles stuck in me, but I’m hardly a pain pig. Every activity has it’s own attraction for it’s own reasons and not everyone flags the same hankies. In fact, that’s the precise reason there is a hankie code, so you can easily see what other guys in the bar are into. I, personally flag hunter green, grey and red & white striped on the right (of course).

  20. Ace&Bubba says:

    This show was great!! CUPCAKE!!!! i had to stop it a few times cuz it got so intense. John was a gracious guest through the ribbing her took. Good show!!

  21. Maciek says:

    GULP. I would bottom for this guy in a second. YUMMY. Sal-E…I’ll fight you for him.

  22. Deatails I need details. Ugh so hot. You guys where on fire today.

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