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50Faggots Webisode One Launches

Please check out the first hour-long webisode of the 50Faggots documentary series, focused on the lives of effeminate gay men, including Marc and Fausto from Feast of Fun, and their queer communities in America. Be […]

“50 F*ggots” Documentary Series Focuses on Effeminate Gay Men

What does it mean to be a sissy or considered a “f*ggot” of your own gay community? Marc & Fausto are featured as part of the Season One cast in the ethnographic documentary series, “50 […]

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Thanks for watching the 1st Webisode Andy and for sharing your feedback! Depending on your connection speed, it can lag when watching. We’ll be updating the... » More

On 50Faggots Webisode One Launches

Wonderful show, just listened to it now. (I listen backwards – no jueges!) I always revel in these good ole’ discourse around sex and health. In... » More

On FOF #869 – Gay is Good

Congratulations! Well deserved! Wished you got the “People’s Choice” as well. » More

On Feast of Fools Wins the 2008 People’s Choice “Best GLBT” podcast.

Really enjoyed the energy of show. Wished I knew sooner about Johnny and Q-Boy’s performance together. Q-Boy can “Push It” up my caboose anyday. » More

On FOF #877 – Q Boy Keeps it Fresh and Hot