“50 F*ggots” Documentary Series Focuses on Effeminate Gay Men

Apr 22, 2010 · 1985 views

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What does it mean to be a sissy or considered a “f*ggot” of your own gay community? Marc & Fausto are featured as part of the Season One cast in the ethnographic documentary series, “50 […]


  1. dan Collier says:

    Great stuff, thanks so much! This is an area which society — homo and het — has forever danced around — what is a man? Thank you so much for taking this on and doing the docs. The more we as a society face our unease about just what is a man, just how diverse are the private and public layers of manhood, the mre we c`an explore and appreciate the myriad ways of manhood.

    On a personal level, it is especially important to me as an effeminate guy. Not because I “act out” or “emote” or play the “flaming queen”, etc. I am effeminate because that is who and what I am.

    I never even realized I was effeminate until people started mocking me for how I gestured with my hands or how I pressed a package across my chest with my arms (egad, like a girl!) or how I settled my legs and hips in a feminine stance, etc. Even then, it was nothing I was in a position to change or tone down because I was simply moving and gesturing as my natural self.

    Here in NYC, nobody seems to really care how I walk or how I toss my hand and wrist when responding to a question or comment, yet inevitably a store clerk or waiter or passer-by will give me an arched eyebrow or faint smirk.

    The fact that I am gay and effeminate in no way lessens my manhood.

    I am gay, I am effeminate, I am a man.

    Great good fortune, Randall!!!

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