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FOF #2974 – David Wojnarowicz’s Art Against AIDS

At the height of the AIDS crisis of the late 80s, LGBTQ folks turned to creating art, performance and music to act-up, fight back and fight AIDS.

One of the most powerful voices during the AIDS crisis was David Wojnarowicz, an artist and activist who combined punk music, graffiti, performance, painting and photography into a body of work that celebrated the outsider while speaking out against a hateful government that allowed thousands of Americans to die from AIDS.

Today we’re talking to filmmaker Chris McKim about his new film Wojnarowicz: F**k You F*ggot F**ker which takes us on a thrilling journey through the AIDS epidemic as David Wojnarowicz weaponized his work to wage war on the establishment.

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FOF #2969 – Comedian Julia Scotti is Funny That Way

In the 80s, Julia was a regular alongside other comedy legends like Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld. Julia’s raunchy humor was a hit on cable TV and she regularly opened for the day’s top musical acts.

At the time, Julia identified as male but in 2000, she left comedy to begin her transition and to find a more stable career. Now at the age of 63, Julia’s going back to her lifelong passion- stand-up comedy.

The new documentary ““Julia Scotti: Funny That Way” takes us on Julia’s journey back into the comedy spotlight as a sensation on America’s Got Talent

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VIDEO: Documentary ”SAGAT – Uncut” About the French Sex Symbol and Artist François Sagat

The new documentary “SAGAT – uncut” takes a look behind the macho facade of the French sex symbol and artist François Sagat, born in 1979. The filmmaker Bruce LaBruce describes him as the Marilyn Monroe […]

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VIDEO: Two Spirits Trailer

Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female […]

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VIDEO: Stonewall Uprising

In case you didn’t catch “Stonewall Uprising” about the riot that galvanized the gay rights movement, when it aired on PBS, you can watch it here.

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Documentary: Out in the Silence

I first became interested in the story years ago when I learned that a kid who had been harassed in high school had successfully sued his school for the horrible abuse he experienced there. The […]

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VIDEO: Steve Duncan Explores Abandoned NYC Subways in ‘Undercity’

In his new documentary, Steve Duncan goes where few have seen, all without permission. You hear stories all the time of people going into the abandoned tunnels and stations of a metropolitabway system. Duncan even […]

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VIDEO: Trailer for Documentary “Marwencol”

This a trailer for an award winning documentary about and artist that began creating intense imagery using dolls after he was brutally attacked.

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VIDEO: Celine Dion Will Blow Your Mind, Again

In case you missed the first amazing “Celine Dion is Amazing” video by the FourFour Blog, here’s another delicious collection of insane clips from Celine Dion’s latest promotional documentary “Céline Through the Eyes of the […]

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“50 F*ggots” Documentary Series Focuses on Effeminate Gay Men

What does it mean to be a sissy or considered a “f*ggot” of your own gay community? Marc & Fausto are featured as part of the Season One cast in the ethnographic documentary series, “50 […]

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