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This was by far one of the most interesting and thought-provoking FoF episodes. Great job. I wish more people were like Elizabeth Pisani! » More

On FOF #1184 – You Can Learn a Lot from a Whore

What a fantastic and lovely interview and what a fantastic and lovely beard that man has! » More

On FOF #1162 – Sex and Sensibilities

Reason Number 11: Homophobes will still be homophobes even if queers can join the military. My friend Jeremy wrote this article, and I agree entirely. Sorry... » More

On 10 Reasons Why Homosexuals Should NOT Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

Hey guys, I thought the show was great! On a related note, I can’t remember if it was this show or the one before it, but you... » More

On FOF #1121 – Bad Cop, No Donut

He had an inoperable brain tumor and was rather sick for a long time from it. » More

On Dr. Maxwell Anderson, from the film ’Southern Comfort,’ has died