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Great interview! I came across an article by Thomas Moore on Tiger Woods that addresses Ronnie’s points about our sexuality. Quote from the article: “I often say... » More

On FOF #1214 – Ronnie Kroell Bares it All

You got the rhyme with that line but not the rhythm » More

On Mary Poppins – the Gay Rights Activist

Regarding a future movie about an important gay personality, I think we need a movie about Alan Turing: One could argue he was largely responsible... » More

On FOF #939 – Cleve Jones Dances with Madonna

I’m just catching up on the podcasts after a long absence for the holidays. Tracy, you have an amazing voice. I was in tears at the... » More

On FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

lmfao! where can one find a podcast that discusses the fine points of the phrase “getting his fruit and nuts out” Great show! » More

On FOF #889 – Milk and Meat