FOF #1214 – Ronnie Kroell Bares it All

Jun 30, 2010 · 1985 views

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Supermodel Ronnie Kroell, whose steamy bromine with fellow contestant Ben DiChiara, on the reality TV competition “Make Me A Supermodel” is out to change the way we look at our own nude bodies.

Listen as we talk with Ronnie about baring it all for Playgirl, why he knows that showing off his nakedness won’t hurt his modeling career and his new reality TV show project in the works.


  1. Check out Ronnie modeling the brand spanking new Feast of Fun t-shirt!

    Ronnie Kroell wearing the Feast of Fun Blue T-Shirt

  2. Brian B says:

    Beautiful guy, great show! Does Ronnie come with the t-shirt?

  3. He is a BEAUTIFUL man! Mmmmmmm…

  4. What a gorgeous man! I loved the interview! He looks damn good in that T-shirt too!! 😀

  5. CharlesVer33 says:

    Love this show.

  6. spmmia says:

    Loved the show. Good stuff…ruff, ruff! :O)

  7. corey says:

    It’s surprising to find out Ronnie’s sexiest organ is his brain.

  8. i saw the name Ronnie on the downloaded podcast and can’t resist going straight to Feast of Fun to post a comment. Yeah, I am excited to listen to this podcast. Thank you Fausto and Marc for bring Ronnie back. Love Ronnie, you’re hot.
    Love you guys Fausto and Marc

  9. Joseph says:

    Kroell is a beautiful man and seems to be an all around nice guy. I just don’t find his story so far to be that interesting. Just another pretty, caucasian guy, probably grew up in the suburbs, educated, wants to be in showbiz and politics. Oh, and he’s gay. Really not that compelling.

  10. Rachel from Tulsa OK says:

    Wow Ronnie looks better than ever, and so do you guys! Thanks again, love love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!

  11. Andy says:

    What a nice, cute and intelligent guy! i really enjoyed he was on the show the second time. 🙂

  12. Enrique Andrade says:

    Over all good show, but his position on Gay Pride Parades really bothered me. It sounded like he is more of an assimilationist. In my city the parades do have the cute go-go boys etc, but the majority of the floats are community organizations, and churches. To me Gay Pride Parades are not only a statement of affirmation of all of our lives as same gender loving people, but a reminder that our liberty of expression is our most fragile possession. Ronny also said in the interview that he went to the “White Party” which seems like a complete contradiction to his judgment about “Gays doing it to themselves” which was again very interesting. Ronny is so very smart and has exploited his talents to his advantage, wish him the best while his wave lasts. Love you Marc and Fausto!

  13. dillgrok says:

    Great interview! I came across an article by Thomas Moore on Tiger Woods that addresses Ronnie’s points about our sexuality. Quote from the article:

    “I often say that our society is so sex-obsessed, on the Internet and in
    movies, for example, not because we are too sexual but because we are not sexual
    – Thomas Moore

    See the entire article here:

  14. Henry says:

    Ya like vuvlzelas?

    A fútbol fan out of Aruba
    Attended a game sans his tuba.
    Though old as Methus’lah,
    He blew his vuvuz’la
    Till he found himself exiled to Cuba.

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