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God i love that picture you made.. really funny.. » More

On FOF #568 – Stainer of the Kleenex

Love the Vids Miss Ronnie!! That lobster and shrimp sure looks Fabulous.. I LOVE KIR!! and thanks to FOF theres KIR =P what could my world... » More

On KIR #5 – San Francisco Treat (PARTS 1- 4) – 07/04/07

So True.. I LOVE the Flip that Sh*t episode… it’s just nice in a way.. I don’t know how to explain =P oops.. =D » More

On FOF #559 – Ask Away

I just love KIR.. Go Miss Ronnie.. love your attitude to making a video blog!!! » More

On KIR #3 – Working the Street

Kudos!!.. It’s Miss Ronnie again!!.. i just love how this show keeps going all the time =) » More

On FOFA #453 – Flip That Sh*t