KIR #5 – San Francisco Treat (PARTS 1- 4) – 07/04/07

Jul 5, 2007 · 1985 views

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Miss Ronnie takes her sassafraction to the West Coast and takes you along for the ride! Day 1 features the diva in flight. Click on the extended entry to see parts 2, 3 and 4. […]


  1. RcktMan says:


    That look that Ronnie gave the camera when Nick said he was 6’4″ needs to be FRAMED. In GOLD.

    I can’t wait for the next update… 馃檪

  2. G says:

    Woohooo Steven…nice!

    Miss Ronnie you are fine too of course!

  3. These are great! I wanted to see Ronnie eat the lobster like a Klingon.

  4. G says:

    Yeah….now we will never know how she opened that up…..curious….

  5. RcktMan says:

    Loved the whole set (my first comment was before the rest were posted) – Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Ronnie!

  6. Ivan says:

    Love the Vids Miss Ronnie!! That lobster and shrimp sure looks Fabulous.. I LOVE KIR!! and thanks to FOF theres KIR =P what could my world be without FOF.. =)

  7. Wan says:

    Steven is so cute! XD~
    And so is Ronnie.

    I love them videos!

  8. Bologna says:

    Mz. Ronnie – that’s the best SF travelogue anyone’s done! And I know the city. Hilarious how you charged hug-toll on the Golden Gate. Hope you’ve recovered from fanny-pack trauma at the Fisherman’s Wharf – or maybe you took it out on the lobster. Anywayz, hope there’ll be more KIR on the road videos in the future – maybe even one here in Italy!! Steven Patterson can come along too 馃檪

  9. Richard says:

    Miss Ronnie … I loved you at the Starlight Lounge and now I love you on YouTube. You’ve got it, baby. And you know what ‘it’ is … sassafraction! I’ll be in SanFran at the beginning of December for a meeting. I’d definitely love to look Steven up for a nice side tour. Loved the ‘balls in pantyhose’ comment … almost made me snort coffee through my nose. Ouch!

    I hope that you had a safe trip back to Chi-town.

  10. Curtis says:

    Haven’t made my way through all the videos yet, but disappointed the boys didn’t tell me you were coming to SF. Would love to have met you.

  11. Sorry Curtis. This was a private affair that Ronnie and Steven cooked up. Marc and I just consider ourselves to be lucky to get a glimpse of it. I hope you get a chance to meet Ronnie when you come to Chicago for Market Days.

  12. Steven says:

    We did post a message in the forums to try to arrange a little meetup, but no one replied! It was fairly last minute, and as you can see from the videos, Ronnie and I had a *lot* on our agenda. But hopefully the whole FoF crew will make it out to San Francisco very soon! In the meantime, maybe all of us SF FoF fans can figure out a way to get connected! 馃檪

  13. Brad says:

    “Give me a hug… now don’t Jump, and good luck.”


  14. Jon-paul says:

    Loved it, Ronnie and Steven. I sure hope you all come back with the FOF crew!

  15. Maciek says:


    Looks like you had fun in SanFran. I’m in Poland right now. Trying to hang in here. THANKS FOR BEING there for me. Love you.


  16. Cliff Dix says:

    Ronnie and Steven,
    Loved the Sassafraction tour of San Francisco. I loved Miss Ronnie on the plane talking to the 6 footer and then some. Also the hug toll booth and the nude beach. I think I should be grateful I couldn’t see much of the other inhabitants of the nude beach. Keep the videos coming. They are terrific.
    Cliff Dix

  17. Love the Vids!!!1 Wish i could have seen you tear into that lobster…hmmmm.

  18. Nick says:

    Those were great, thanks for sharing Ronnie! And thanks for the hard work Steven, editing the video for us… and putting up with Ronnie! =)

  19. Katers says:

    oooooh that guy on the plane was a cuuuutie! I’m not normally one who likes younger men, but DAYUM… How lucky was she to be with a 6-footer 馃槢 idk I guess it was kind of a curse too, since he was only 16, ey ronnie? hehehehe

  20. Duane says:

    That was awesome! Thanks for taking us along via video. What a blast!! You know Miss Ronnie, between being a People’s Choice Award Winning Podcaster and the host of K.I.R., you may be calling Hollywood home before you know it!!! Love you 馃檪

  21. Miss Ronnie, Miss Ronnie, Miss Ronnie….Love You!

    ..profound B.O. is disgusting

  22. Maurice says:

    Reeally liked the SanFran tour, and Ronnie you are really getting more professional with each episode
    this time you had some interviews and they were great…
    i noticed how bad you wanted that hug from the DJ at Adidas,
    but a DIVA got to do what a DIVA got to do….
    keep on keeping it real

  23. Blue Bolt says:

    Miss Ronnie, you look like Minnie Driver to me. I wonder if anyone else has told you that. Your personality is intoxicating, no wonder all those gay alchoholics hang around ya, you get them drunk without the alchohol! By the way I was disappointed to not see the Miss Ronnie and 16 year old basketball player sex video! It would have spiced up that flight I’m sure.

  24. Ventura79 says:

    Miss Ronnie, i have been to all those places, the PHX airport, San Fran, and I was there around the same time u where, I think its just a matter of time before we meet, Im gonna do some Santeria of my own, and pray we get to Sassafrax togetha!

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