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Me thinks we might be seeing more of little Bon Qui Qui in the future. He really made the role his own! (i.e. the boy... » More

On VIDEO: Kids Re-Enact ”Bon Qui Qui” From MadTV

Love you Tracy! It’s been awhile, welcom back!! Fausto and Marc, I just want to thank you for the unexpected surprise guest!!! I’m... » More

On FOF #923 – Spring Awakening

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy! I love you! You have one of the most infectious laughs I have ever heard. The opening bit with the... » More

On FOF #680 – Do You Believe

Not sure I’m liking the new technology. I know this is a test but this, in it’s current format, is not something I would like... » More

On FOF #678 – Gigi Calling

Thanks for another great show! I really enjoyed you interviewing Achy. When I read the notes for the show I thought things might become... » More

On FOF #663 – Remembering Your Muse