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i agree with you pupdon, what WAS that guy thinking. i mean she stabs him once, and she gets in in the eye. as... » More

On FOF #563 – Digital Ice Cream

Fausto, you always bring it back. I loved your line today about how you won’t eat anything that was thinking, tasting, or digesting. Puerto... » More

On FOF #559 – Ask Away

in honor of “honor amanda day” i just wanted to tell amanda my own special story about how much i love her. my boyfriend and... » More

On FOFA #330 – Can We All Just Get Along?

that’s hilarious! poor potato, he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. or does he? i bet he’s tapped a few brownies in... » More

On Colors: Two for One

when i grow up i want to be bill haddad! i always wondered what happened to gay men when they turned 40. did they... » More

On FOF #552 – More Lesbian