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VIDEO: Phoenix Drag Queen Barbra Seville Takes on Jan Brewer

Barbra makes me proud of Phoenix drag. (If you’re in town, see her show at Forbidden in Scottsdale.) Here Barbra (half drag, half not) shows us how Jan Brewer prepared for the now infamous debate.

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Cazwell ”Ice Cream Truck”

I’m not on the cutting edge of music videos so this is new to me. (Sorry if everyone else has already seen it.) All I know is it makes me feel warm and tingly in […]

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VIDEO: Pag – The Lady is Dead

This starts off a little slowly, but stick with it! It’s art! A friend showed this to me on Saturday and I thought it was stupid, then I started to understand it. It’s one of […]

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Burlesque With Cher and Christina

I haven’t seen this movie yet (and didn’t even know about it until yesterday) but I’m sure it’s my new favorite movie, second only to Showgirls

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Memphis Blac Feat. Smokahontas Jones

For your viewing pleasure…

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For People Who Must Have the IPhone 4

This reminded me of Fausto when he talks in his robot Mac voice.

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Yuma Mayor Says “Limp-Wristed” Soldiers Unfit to Serve

At a Memorial Day speech in Yuma, Arizona the Mayor and Army veteran, Al Krieger, spoke in favor of  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and said, “I cannot believe that a bunch of limp-wristed, lacey-drawed people […]

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VIDEO: Gay McDonalds Ad

Would this commercial be released in the U.S.? I like the message, but I don’t like McDonalds. Now I feel obligated to like McDonalds.

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Tom Goss in Phoenix

I went to see Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark when they were in downtown Phoenix. They put on a great show with great music. Last time I saw Tom was in DC at the Equality […]

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La Ley Arizona

This cartoon rocks!

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