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Trendpocalpyse 2012

With the end of the Mayan calendar, will 2012 be the end of trends? The uncooling of cool? Or a glittery new beginning? Join me, Marsian as I look back on 2011 to extrapolate on what will be big in 2012.

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2011: Year of The Glitter Bomb

Civil disobedience took a shiny new twist during the second half of 2011, with a sprinkling of glitter bombings that bedazzled a stunned nation in its wake of sparkles.  Thanks to glitter pranksters, or “the […]

ETSYLEAKS BOMBSHELL: Glitter’s Not-So-Sparkling History

Glitter has been around a long time, long before obscure gay holidays or the current rash of glitter bombings that have dazzled the nation in its wake of sparkles.  Etsy’s All that Glitters: The History of […]

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VIDEO: This Little Girl Totally Gets It

This little girl at Toys R us is onto something when it comes to her critical analysis of of the marketing and branding of gender through childrens’ toys.  Just wish more adults were as smart […]


Meet Tommy, a self-described “singer and celebrities and a famers bloggers from Norway” who has a very special message for you about budder… Posted by Marsian, a Los Angeles-based puppet artist, chanteuse, and high art drag personality  

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Privacy Settings a FoWL?

This week, WikiLeaks dropped plans for its Social Network, FoWL (Friends of WikiLeaks),  “a network of people from across the globe who defend WikiLeaks, its people, its alleged sources and its mission”.  Its cute and […]

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VIDEO: Beef Cake Buddha

Who doesn’t like hunky guys, sexy circus moves, and acrobatics? AcroYoga Montreal,  brings these elements together seamlessly with its steamy yet contemplative video offering, Beefcake Buddha! Posted by Marsian, a Los Angeles-based puppet artist, chanteuse, and high […]

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Gay Pimp, Jonny McGovern brings us Dickmatized, his latest music video, centered around a therapy session-flashback to a mass-dickmatization on the basketball court.  The Urban Dictionary has a range of definitions of dickmatized from “to be hypnotized […]

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Martha Dearest?

The Domestic Diva’s daughter, Alexis Stewart, tells all in Whateverland,  her funny, yet critically-panned long-form tabloid,  in which she alleges that if she “grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head”  and that Martha Stewart […]

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If Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars is the new Tracey Turnblad, then that makes Cher, Divine and Nancy Grace, Amber Von Tussel. But where does that leave Sonny Bono or Gloria Allred?!? Watch […]

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