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You Can Rent Julio!!! Are You Interested in a Hot Spanish?

You can rent Julio, just call… Well I am not giving his phone! LOL… And of course this is just one way to translate it ;-)… just wish Julio had given his picture and more […]

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Rosie O’Donnell on Little Britain

Very funny! Especially the last seconds!

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Let’s Celebrate

Let’s celebrate! We are in that time of the year where we love to be nice, to be kind, to be with each others… well let’s show it!! We are all living in a tough […]

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Peaches Christ Performance at Lausanne Underground Film Festival

Peaches Christ’s performance introducing her movie All About Evil at the opening night of the Lausanne Underground Film Festival.

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Me With Peaches Christ the All About Evil Projection in Lausanne Switzerland

OMG! What a wonderful evening. As promised I have been at the opening of the Lausanne Underground Film Festival. I have seen the wonderful show Peaches has created before the projection and of course the […]

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VIDEO: Gay Dad Martin Berusch Alienated From His Children

I have met Martin in New York 2 weeks ago and discovered a wonderful personality. With a halo of sadness in his eyes and a big stone in his heart though. Since months he’s fighting […]

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Happy Birthday Fausto

Happy BIRTHDAY Fausto! Wishing you all the best! (btw: and the answer is in the video)

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When There’s No Time Left

When there’s no time left you realize how much you missed based on principles they told you about. They told you to hate other people based on written books and you hated. You hated thinking […]

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Shoes for a Drag Queen

I saw these shoes in a shop in Amsterdam. They would be perfect for a Drag Queen!

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Please Show Your Support to Martin Berusch

My heart aches for Martin and his children. You may know his life partner Mike Ruiz. I know what they are going through as I experienced that situation, I wasn’t at Martin’s place though, but […]

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