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My Experience With Bullies and Thank You Anderson Cooper

Parents send their children to school because children need education, they do not expect schools to become the place where their children are pushed to suicide, after being bullied by other kids. They do not […]

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Rudolf Brazda Tells About Pink Triangles

It gets better. This man had all reasons to despair and give up as he had very little to hope for his future. Lot of LGBT died. But he survived and has found love.

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Extraordinary People in Ordinary Clothes: Marc Yeats About His Music

It’s always interesting when an artist can explain his creativity process. And when he is just like Marc, it’s even more delicious listening and watching! Obviously this is not the end! If you have some […]

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical to be Seen in London

A couple of  months ago I was in London and had to go to see this Musical. Priscilla the movie is one of my favorites movies, the one that makes me feel wonderful. Now the […]

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English Taste Against Italian One: What About Italian Pizza?

When a pizza tastes like the ones in this video… that isn’t Italian.

Do You Like Pizza? This is for You Then!

I heard you saying that pizzas are not very good in Chicago, and that for the Italian man I am  is really difficult to understand. I think you need to visit this blog created by […]

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Extraordinary People in Ordinary Clothes: Marc Yeats – Colours of Music Part 2

Ok he may not be naked (sorry Fausto…) he remains a hunk 🙂 He’s so gorgeous I bet you can’t find out how old he is. … Ok seriously, It’s interesting to know how an […]

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Website for Sharing Fashion and Style

I have found this website where you can post photos of yourself and show your style, the way you dress, what you like in fashion. You can also see what others wear and may be […]

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Extraordinary People in Ordinary Clothes: Marc Yeats

Interview with Gay composer and painter Marc Yeats. I asked him to dress up, but he likes to show his muscle and how handsome he is. 🙂  Also he is a wonderful artist and human […]

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Gay Rights and Israel and Middle East

Gay pride week-end! A friend of mine shared this video with me on Facebook and I thought I share it with you because I think Israel has been criticized a lot but I think that as […]

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On FOF #1871 – Will You Die for Madonna’s Art Revolution?

LOL I was thinking that if haters ate candies every time theyare negative, they’d become so fat and ugly they’d need to stop or they’d explode. » More

On FOF #1866 – Fund my Big Fat Gay Wedding

She should invite Gaga on stage and work it out. » More

On VIDEO: Madonna Covers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” singing “She’s Not Me.”

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On FOF #1577 – Trouble in Paradise

Great interview! Reading some reactions yesterday on FB shocked me. This is an experience I wouldn’t wish to anyone. And then you have people giving theirs hate... » More

On FOF #1577 – Trouble in Paradise