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It was a great show, I loved the post-show after the ending music. I actually was here to post a comment that Larry sounds like... » More

On FOF #738 – Big Girl Party

I am catching back up on the Podcast, and this was a great show. The reverend was very gracious and kind in the interview. ... » More

On FOF #734 – Reverend Straight

We loved it. We laughed, we cheered. We couldn’t look away. The “woodie” really made us smile. Thanks so much for posting... » More

On Indian Condom Song

The audio was a bit tough, but I applaud your efforts to try different things. GIGI is a great guest, but I somehow missed “Breakdown... » More

On FOF #678 – Gigi Calling

They weren’t TOTALLY naked, it looks like they were wearing loafers. 😉 » More

On Hot Studs Shop Naked at Convenience Store