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This was a powerful and inspiring episode – one of the best ever!! » More

On Special Edition FOF: Trans-Body Politics

I’ve commented on one of his videos before. Curtis is right – not only does he stay pretty much in tune, he is in the... » More

On VIDEO: Timmy Finger Snaps His Way Through “Born This Way”

This is probably one of the BEST interviews you’ve done – and I think it will bring a bigger audience to you, as well as to... » More

On FOF #1334 – I Think My 4 Year Old Son Is Gay

One point that seems to have gone unnoticed. The rainbow has SEVEN colors. Our flag has SIX. That’s enough to skirt any copyright... » More

On NOM Activist: Rainbow is Christian, Not Gay

Do you live on a 273-acre farm in a five-bedroom three-bathroom house? Didn’t think so, Mary. I live here by choice. I didn’t run... » More

On FOF #1306 – Hollywood’s Underbelly