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Watching Show Girls?

Does anyone know of an online spot to watch show girls?  It’s not on netflix. I was hit by a care yesterday on my bike, and now I’m on crutches.  No running or lifting, so […]

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Ticked Off Trannies Transophobic?

On a recent show, Marc and Fausto talked briefly about the Trans communitie’s negative reaction to Ticked Off Trannies With Knives.  Feministing posted an article today claiming the attempted cult movie is harmful as a […]

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Et Tu, Cindy?

Apparently John ‘repsects’  the  political differences within his family.  I love how Cindy says “no more a democrat issue than a republican issue.  Is this actually a commentary on our political system? Ps., sorry if […]

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My Dream College Spring Break for 2010

My one concern with the cost,  as a college dude, is how much these recomended personal radiation detecting devices cost.

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On Jock Strap Maid Service

Yikes, my first impression was sort of kkkish. » More

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