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This was a good show. I have enjoyed Qboys music for awhile now and it was good to hear you two interview him. » More

On FOF #877 – Q Boy Keeps it Fresh and Hot

This was a good interview. I was more aware of her man, I have seen most of the movies he has been in. I... » More

On FOF #862 – Welcome to Deven Green

I liked the show today, I like Dan, it was nice getting and update on what he has been doing. I guess I will check... » More

On FOF #866 – Hope Your Day is Good Dan

This was a good show, I liked your guest, she was cool. » More

On FOF #780 – Ménage à How Many?

I loved the show today. I love Alpana, her voice is great. She sound smart and sexy. Seems like she would be a... » More

On FOF #776 – Alpana’s Summer Wines