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Peaches and Vivacious are the best guests on Feast of Fun! Whoever said that Peaches is boring is crazy. I always look forward to episodes with... » More

On FOF #2523 – Peaches Christ’s Summer in Provincetown

Vivacious is the best! Hope they pick her for All Star 3! » More

On FOF #2501 – Vivacious Kiki on Drag Race Season 9

Some gay kid : I have no gender. Please refer to me as “They”. Lady Bunny : Oh honey, you are not that fat! I hope you put... » More

On FOF #2484 – Lady Bunny Finds the Joy in Everyday Life

Vivacious is the best! “Half Woman, More Butch” needs to be a T-Shirt! » More

On FOF #2473 – Vivacious Pops Out of Fausto’s Birthday Cake

This was a great episode. Wish I could take that course too haha. » More

On FOF #2472 – Lola Von Miramar Gets Her Cucu Back