Gay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Kiss

Sep 29, 2010 · 1985 views

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Dude! Cowabunga.


  1. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    Haha that’s cute… it kinda borders on furry art so I’m like, “not sure if want…” but the way Raphael tackles Leonardo at the end was funny…he would do that, being the toughest of the turtles

    although there were some pretty gay moments in the first Ninja Turtles movie..can’t remember what turtles they were, maybe these two, but one of them was in a bathtub and there was some hugging going on, and someone came in on them and yea….pretty gay hehe…

    I would not enjoy seeing porn with the turtles tho..that would be a definite DO NOT WANT.

    btw, “not sure if want, and do not want” are chan speak used for example, on the porn threads of 4chan when people react to some kinda porn being posted…

  2. Avatar Jamie McElroy says:

    Okay…how can I make this file my background image? xD I tried to, but it only saved as a still image. 馃檨

  3. Avatar KTao says:

    Who made this!!!! He/she needs to make a movie RIGHT NOW!!
    I love this gif so much I’m crying ….QoQ
    Whats’ the name of the artist?

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