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FOF #500 – 500

500 shows! We had so much fun, where did the time go? Today we celebrate and rejoice in passing another stone, a milestone in podcasting as we post our 500th Gay Fun Show from the […]

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FOF #499 – Full Rhinestone Jacket

Our handsome neighbor Justin join us today to talk about his real life experience serving these past four years in the U.S. army overseas in Iraq. Believe you me, it was work. We love our […]

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FOF #498 – Everybody Loves Eric Himan

Eric Himan is back! Also known as the gay Johnny Cash, singer-songwriter Eric Himan is in a different place in his head from the last time he was in the house. After taking six months […]

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FOF #497 – Living la Vida Musto

Cultural commentator Michael Musto really enjoys his job. For over twenty years, Michael turned his passion for NYC’s nightlife and celebrity culture into a genre defining gossip column that has been the bread and butter […]

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FOF #496 – Casting Call

Go f*ck yourself. Okay, not really. But what if you really wanted to do so? On today’s show, Sal-E brings on over his partner in crime Jo-Jo to talk about creating a cast of yourself […]

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FOF #495 – Polly Wolly Diddle All the Day

You can find all sorts of interesting things on Several years ago, we were in need of fresh new faces and talent for the live musical comedy show we used to to in nighclubs […]

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FOF #494 – To the Celestium and Beyond

A volcano explosion on the day my father died delayed us from flying down to Puerto Rico. The ashes from the cloud above the nearby island of Monserrat kept most planes away that evening. The […]

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Gracias Papi

For your curiosity, here is the English translation of the eulogy I spoke at my father’s funeral service last Friday at the Celestium, March 9 2007. We’ll miss you Papi. Pictured here is a portrait […]

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Consider yourself invited

Did you know we won a Pressie Award for "Best Podcast" this year? Oh yes! Come celebrate with us this Tuesday, March 20 at a special Pressie Awards ceremony and OPEN BAR (yes you heard […]

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FOF #493 – 28 Stages of Grief

Sometimes, all you need is to soak in a hot bath to let all your pain, worries and problems melt away. On today’s show we return to our regular programming with a sound-seeing tour of […]

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