FOF #653 – Thanksgiving Blind Date

Nov 18, 2007 · 1985 views

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Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is just days away, and we’re bringing you some hot young chicken to start the celebration early. Adam has a contest that he’s going to pick one local fellow from our comments […]


  1. Hey guys, just wanted to comment on the Kevin Rudd (the candidate for the Australian Prime Minister) ear wax eating incident. I would still rather have him as our leader than the current one. John Howard, for my mind, is on par with George W Bush.

  2. groggy says:

    So he ate his ear wax – big deal. At least he’s not wasteful.
    I don’t know why people are so interested in watching this kind of news. Does it make them feel better with their own hideousness? Or do they really think that some unwitting, innocent habits disqualify a person as a prime minister.

    About picking your nose in front of a security camera – I do that sometimes too. And I pretend (or sometimes not) to pick my teeth… Especially in shops with changing rooms. But then I smile in reward to the camera.

  3. Well Guys You covered all today!! Everything From Farm animals to Wet Dreams!! 🙂 Keep em comming!!!!! LOL

  4. Who the hell eats earwax? That’s just gross.

  5. groggy says:

    Says Marc, who ‘scratches himself down there and then smells his fingers’ 😛

    Have you tried eating it? Maybe it’s good, and you are missing out…

  6. Adam please pick me to be your thanksgiving guest. I hope there is liquor. I warn you in advance to hide anything that I may be able to fit in my pockets. One thing I can bring to the table is enough strawberry quik meth to keep the whole party going long enough to stand outside best buy at 3 in the fucking morning to fulfill our duties against the terrorists and purchase electronics. I think plan B may be in order. Some lucky boy at steamworks is going to have thanksgiving with Adam. Thx for the show

  7. groggy says:

    By the way, in Poland earwax is called honey…

  8. groggy says:

    Don’t knock it till you try it patchouli.

    But yes, it is strange naming. It never occured to me until today’s delicious news.

  9. Just tried it. The opposite of delicious. Honey is delicious though.

  10. I must have eaten it at one time or another, I was a child not too long ago after all, but like a hand on the stove, I learned not to do it. I use to clean my dogs ears though and she ALWAYS wanted to lick the Q-tip.

  11. groggy says:

    And the video of Kevin Rudd caught red-handed

    But it doesn’t look to me as if he really does it. It looks rather like scratching. I don’t know. The truth is, you can always find some snapshots of anyone doing some strange grimaces, touching themselves everywhere and so on. And making it a subject of national importance is definitely not a sign of good will.

  12. Here it is embedded:

    And the cut on why animals love ear wax and humans generally don’t:

    humans, with their increased sensitivity to taste, generally reject eating earwax because of its sour, bitter taste (oh come on, everyone has a dim childhood memory of what earwax tastes like, don’t they?). For cats, however, the sour and bitter flavor component of the earwax is barely noticeable in comparison to its wholesome nutritious odor.

  13. Ben says:

    “Nocturnal emissions are Jesus’s way of making you come.” – Brilliant! I’m going to use that one at the Thanksgiving Table. Don’t think I will? Dare me!

  14. DCRyan says:

    How are there all these posts, and not a single one that says how frickin hot adam is…..adorable!!

  15. Ben says:

    I will take nothing less than a triple dare.

  16. I don’t know… I think DCRyan’s kind of hot…

  17. Yeah, I agree, DCRyan is just like Ella Fitzgerald’s music: too darn hot!

  18. “Nocturnal emissions are Jesus’s way of making you come” – I think you kids have a new slogan for a new te-shirt 🙂

    And yes DCRyan, I agree, Adam is rather hot – and yes Fausto and Jonas, so is DCRyan 🙂

  19. Hammy05 says:

    Regarding nocturnal emissions, I’ve only had one in my life and I was about 14/15 years old. I dreamt that I fucked the shit out of Johny Depp in his bad-boy rebel days. Mmm, i can still remember the dream! LOL Oh , and I didn’t know the Advanced Wanking was a real site until now. I think I just found my new favorite website!!! lol

  20. DCRyan says:

    awww, thanks jonas and fausto…

    oh I forgot to mention in my post earlier how psyched I got when “Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” was the theme song played today….after the FOF show on 69 love songs I bought the whole album and have loved it ever since…..and I even earned the eternal praise of all my hipster friends for knowing who The Magnetic Fields were, thanks for making me cool FOF!!

  21. You look more HOT than cool to me DCRyan!

  22. Its Cole Porter that is “Too Darn Hot” although Ella covered it wonderfully. My favorite lyrics are

    “cause it’s too darn hot!

    Mr. Gob for his squab,
    a marine for his queen,
    A G.I. for his cutie-pie is not.
    Oh it’s too darn hot,
    it’s too darn hot,”

    Love the Marine for his Queen! And the G.I. for his gender neutral cutie-pie, but the best I can guess for Mr. Gob for his squab
    is : Gob-1. a sailor, esp. a seaman in the U.S. Navy.
    squab- 1 a nestling pigeon, marketed when fully grown but still unfledged. 2. a short, stout person.

    Was “squab” slang for chicken back in the day?

  23. matt says:

    The cooking with sperm segment of show 653 was a riot. I was ready to roll on the floor laughing on someone’s lawn because it was so funny on my way to the post office.

  24. A Taiwanese congressman also had a similar incident as the candidate for Australian prime minister. He was caught on camera picking his nose and wiping his finger (and the bogger) during parliament session while a congressman of the opposing party was speaking (if I remember it correctly). It became huge news at one time — the media were reporting that 24hrs a day. The opposing party was arguing that he is disrespecting no only the speaker, but also the institution of the parliament, blah, blah, blah.

    I don’t know… what if the candidate for Australian prime minister was caught masturbating and eating his own cum after he was done — why is that any less disgusting than eating earwax?

  25. Because come tastes good.

  26. awwww… he’s so cute. Adam, you dont need silly ploys to get men for dinner! You’re too cute. And whats this about his huge cock?

  27. Oh hey.. where’s the mughsot for the burning man arsonist?

  28. Ah so cooking dinner and abandoning my boyfriend for a transatlantic date with Adam is all fine and good but as Minoan already indicated, a vital bit of information was left out. Just how big IS his penis? We need measurements, people! And visuals!

  29. In High School, in my Drama club we used to do the j/o thing on to a cookie, but we called it..”Oockie Cookie”I have never heard of calling it “soggy sauer.” It’s amazing the masturbatory things that straight men will do with straight men when in comes to the art of competition..The swim team at a rival school actually all used to masturbate in a Dixie cup before each match, and then just put it on top of a locker, disguisting. Well anyways, another great show boys, keep em cumin!

  30. he is very cute. I am sure he will find some fine lover boy

  31. Chad says:

    I was always trying to get my teammates to wack off onto some edible product to no avail. Oh well.

  32. you gotta bring up the cookie, i am telling you, chocolate chip gets a guy every time

  33. I wonder how Adam’s Thanksgiving was or if we’ll ever hear from him again? Hello, Adam are you out there?

  34. Wow, I’m really far behind on the shows…

    HA! I was the person who originally posted about the advanced wanking site on the forum! Isn’t it hilarious!

    I would have loved to join Adam for dinner… if only I had listened to the show earlier… and actually lived in the area…

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