FOF #880 – Gay is Good, Gay is Great

Nov 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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Going to a gay rights protest this weekend? We’ve got you covered. On today’s show we’re sharing our tips on making the most of your local gay rights protest and how to enjoy a fabulous […]


  1. DCRyan says:

    FAUSTO, you bad boy!! Haha, you know I have a good sense of humor about all that though honey chile! In fact when you mentioned it I fell out of my seat laughing.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I’m 27yo, officially late 20’s yay! I got to see Ben Lerman and Tom Goss last night at a bar and I kept chanting, “Play me 4 Minutes.” He said alas he couldn’t do it without his Feast of Fools crew so instead I sang harmony with him when he sang, “Can I Smell Yo Dick.” And I just have one thing to say, Tom Goss is even dreamier in person.

    Just sent in another contribution for your new hard drive too. I love you boys and will do my best to help you out whenever I can because I appreciate what you do so much.

    Just as important as donating to FOF though I want to let all the DC gays know about our No on Proposition 8 Protest:

    Saturday, November 15, 1:30pm
    Capitol Building by the Reflecting Pool between 1st St. NW and 3rd St. SW
    You can contact me at if you need further details. There is also a signmaking party going on tonight at the DC Center,

  2. Rhea says:

    “… she’s an undecided voter of mental stability herself…”

    That had me spitting out coffee over my computer keyboard at work on Friday. Fausto, your turns of phrase are so cute!

  3. This podcast was hilarious. Mark, I gotta say that some of the things you say got me thinking “That must be some good weed he be smoking” and wondering where I can get me some lol…. Goofy senses of humor are my favorite!

  4. Mike J says:

    Good show guys!

    Okay, so the reason why Whoopi wasn’t at the Legends Ball, amongst many other Oprah events, is because they hate each other! Not sure what the backstory is, but my doctor’s husband used to work for Whoopi, and my doc has been a good friend of hers for years… He told me that Whoopi can’t stand Oprah… Whoopi has always been supportive of our community… Oprah has lots of gay friends, but rarely speaks out on our behalf. That always drives me crazy….

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