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VIDEO: Bachmann Third Republican Candidate to Get Glitterbombed

Looks like it barely touched her, though. I’d suggest cascarones as a more surgical strike, but those can actually cause injury and we don’t want to sink that low, do we? Also, Mike Huckabee is […]

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”Queer the Night” Rally in New Zealand’s Capital

Around 400 people turned out last night to march through downtown Wellington in response to recent attacks and harassment of gay and trans members of the community. Brendan Goudswaard, also known as Ellie Kat (Miss […]

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Dan Choi Arrested in Las Vegas

Dan Choi and others from GetEQUAL were arrested in Las Vegas after blocking traffic on the Strip. –More photos of the protest

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Roman Catholics Protest Together With Fascists Against Kiss-in Fascists in Lyon

Gay rights activists staging a mass “kiss-in” to protest homophobia faced off with Roman Catholic protesters late Tuesday outside Lyon cathedral in southeastern France. About 200 gay campaigners gathered outside the cathedral were heckled by […]

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Lady Gaga Will Make You Pay

Lady Gaga will make you pay if you stay in a bad hotel.

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PHOTOS: Choi Chained Part Two: The Revenge!

Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo have been arrested again for chaining themselves to the White House fence, but this time they had friends.

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The 50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Who says Americans aren’t creative in a pinch? Buzzfeed presents the 50 greatest protest signs of 2009. The one in the thumbnail is my absolute favorite.

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PHOTOS: Day Without a Gay Protest, City Hall, Chicago

Over a hundred people marched in downtown Chicago on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008 carrying rainbow flags or hand-lettered signs as part of “Day Without a Gay” a national rally day in reaction to California’s voter-approved […]

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PHOTOS: National Protest Against Prop. 8, Federal Plaza, Chicago

[Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus opens the rally with television cameras and crowds looking on.] CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PHOTOS FROM THE RALLY What a turnout! Thousands of protesters flooded Chicago’s Federal Plaza on Saturday, […]

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FOF #880 – Gay is Good, Gay is Great

Going to a gay rights protest this weekend? We’ve got you covered. On today’s show we’re sharing our tips on making the most of your local gay rights protest and how to enjoy a fabulous […]

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