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FOF #2010 – Bye Bye Bill Cruz

We first met Bill Cruz 13 years ago in Chicago when he was a young man just getting into stand up comedy. At the time, he seemed to be the only out gay comedian in town. We were thrilled to have him perform at our live show held at a Vietnamese banquet hall.

Sadly, our friend Bill is moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. Lucky for you, he’s in the studio one more time before the big move.

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VIDEO: Happy Birthday, Fausto!

This used most of my talents. Hope you like it, dear!

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Cute Gay Boy on Youtube! Chris Rushton

This is one of my new youtube videos hope you like it!! Check out my love chris!!!

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FOF #893 – The Cornfields of Iowa

Poor Marc! He got a chocolate advent calendar from Jonas one of our sexy Norwegian listeners and it’s real a torture, since he can only eat one candy a day, or suffer the consequences from […]

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FOFA #662 – Ting A Ling

Ask not for whom the bells jingle, they jingle for thee. What is up with Christmas themed music and that annoying, repetitive jingle you hear in almost every song out there? You know what I’m […]

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FOF #880 – Gay is Good, Gay is Great

Going to a gay rights protest this weekend? We’ve got you covered. On today’s show we’re sharing our tips on making the most of your local gay rights protest and how to enjoy a fabulous […]

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FOF #872 – A New Day

Tonight Fausto is NYC and Marc is in Chicago. Fausto attended the 70th birthday party of Terrence McNally the playwright. He rubbed shoulders with Broadway’s best actors. Listen as we find out who was there. […]

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Feast of Fools + What Not To Wear: Regulars of Popular Chicago Gay Podcast Appear on Reality TV Show

CHICAGO, IL- Amanda Steinstein of the “Feast of Fools” podcast may be the worst-dressed woman in the world to be documented in what is the gayest episode ever of TLC’s reality TV show “What Not […]

FOFA #632 – Candy Corn

Ah candy corn. This delicious but deadly candy confection connotes images of the fall in the United States, of childhood and our beloved neo-pagan holiday, Halloween. Thanks to a growing acceptance of weird things in […]

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FOFA #567 – Snickers Nixon

Have you ever played this game with your friends? Think of the name of your first pet you had when you were a kid and the street you lived on, combine those two and you […]

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