FOF #2010 – Bye Bye Bill Cruz

Jul 9, 2014 · 1985 views

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We first met Bill Cruz 13 years ago in Chicago when he was a young man just getting into stand up comedy. At the time, he seemed to be the only out gay comedian in town. We were thrilled to have him perform at our live show held at a Vietnamese banquet hall.

Sadly, our friend Bill is moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. Lucky for you, he’s in the studio one more time before the big move.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    How many guests does this make that have left Chicago to L.A.? I’m sad to see Bill go. He’s always so funny when on the show. (if you put Bill and Brian in the same room will they explode? Like mixing matter and anti-matter?) Good luck, Bill!

    • That’s the Chicago way in comedy. You can only go so far in this city so if you want to make it into the big time, you either go to NYC or LA.

      We often think about going to LA because there seems to be so many more opportunities to do things and get exposure but we really love our life here.

      If we can afford it, I’d like to go to LA next January or February and rent a place to escape the winter.

  2. colaboy29 says:

    I understand. I think Peaches’ suggestion of going out to San Fran and doing a bunch of CwDQ’s episodes would be a great idea. Maybe during the time you rent a place out there.

    • If we raise triple the amount, we’ll be able to do SF in the first year. But it’s really expensive to bring a crew and rent a home out there, these shows have big budgets, we will rely on support from listeners!

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