FOF #1599- Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse

Jun 8, 2012 · 1985 views

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The very tasty and very funny Bill Cruz joins us to take a look at the recent unbelievable cannibal news stories that have people wondering is this the dawn of a zombie apocolypse?


  1. Than says:

    Bought a t-shirt and a plus subscription and donated a second plus subscription. Pay it forward, people.

    This Boswell Mr. Rogers Garden of Your Mind remix was a treat.

  2. Than says:

    Common symptoms of amphetamines like the street drugs meth and ‘bath salts’ include hunger and psychosis. Are we turning into a nation of zombies or drug-addicted white trash? Maybe that’s a semantic distinction.

  3. cassiofm says:

    I think they should change the name of the TV show… 😀

  4. Andy says:

    A show with Bill Cruz is always hilarious!

  5. colaboy29 says:

    I always tried to decide who was funnier: Brian Sweeney or Bill Cruz. Well, Mr. Cruz, you won the award for your “Alien vs To Catch A Predator” joke! Thanks for a great show!

  6. Have you guys seen the new Cuban zombie film, Juan of the Dead? It is a comedy zombie movie in Havana. It’s funny, a little homophobic (see Gilberto Blasini’s review in 80grados) but still very entertaining.

  7. I forgot to say that I really enjoyed this show! Bill Cruz is always great!

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