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FOF #2966 – Happy Daddy’s Day Bill Cruz

Happy Daddy’s Day! We’re all father figures to somebody! For comedian Bill Cruz, who was one of the first openly Latinx gay comedians on the comedy scene- you can call him papi!

Covid’s been a tough gig for most comedians. Bill says that now that live shows are happening again, it feels almost like starting all over.

Today our dear friend comedian Bill Cruz, joins us to look at getting his groove back this Father’s Day and how folks are reacting to Latinx representation in films like In The Heights and West Side Story.

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FOF #2361 – Making Podcasts Great Again

For a while it seemed like every Chicago comedian that came on our podcast moved to LA. For comedian Bill Cruz the move was a real struggle- before he left, he broke his ankle and then his car broke down which for LA is like breaking an ankle all over again.

Today, one of the funniest people we know- Bill Cruz, joins us to talk about the struggles to make it in LA.

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FOF #2010 – Bye Bye Bill Cruz

We first met Bill Cruz 13 years ago in Chicago when he was a young man just getting into stand up comedy. At the time, he seemed to be the only out gay comedian in town. We were thrilled to have him perform at our live show held at a Vietnamese banquet hall.

Sadly, our friend Bill is moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. Lucky for you, he’s in the studio one more time before the big move.

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FOF #1778 – Having a Ball

Everyone wonders about the size of a man’s wang, but do they ever stop to think about the balls that hang down below? Do they waddle to and fro? Would you tie them in a knot , would you tie them in a bow? Can you toss them over your shoulder like a continental soldier?

Today Bill Cruz, the Jennifer Lopez of gay Mexican American comedians joins us to talk about Monorchism, you know, guys with one testicle

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FOF #1727 – Game of Thrones

Every year, Bill Cruz puts together a meaty list of Chicago comedians he’d like to get freaky with.

This year many of Chicago’s hunks and skunks of comedy are in an uproar, because many of them felt left out even though they texted him photo of their junk.

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FOF #1707 – Making a List, Checking it Twice

Like the Oscars, most awards start out as a joke. Our friend comedian Bill Cruz thought it would be hilarious to make a list of the Top Ten Chicago Comedians He’d Like to Fuck This Year.

Today Bill Cruz joins us to talk about his magic list and what it takes to get on it, and all the hot news.

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FOF #1677 – The Truth About Lying

The whole world is lying to you. Politicians, churches, family, friends and even your lover lies to you on a daily basis. Babies lie as early as six months. Your cell phone charger, GPS, and signal all aren’t on the level. And on top of that in order to survive you have to believe the lies.

Comedian Bill Cruz joins us to examine why its so important for comedians to lie effectively and how you can be a better person by not lying, but by also not telling the truth.

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FOF #1621 – The War on Comedy

Comedian Bill Cruz, the Cesar Chavez of stand-up comedy joins us to try to bring some peace to all the drama unfolding around these entertainers, and to ask the difficult questions, how much can people be held responsible for the awful things they say onstage?

And will my buddies let me give them head if nobody’s looking?

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FOF #1599- Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse

The very tasty and very funny Bill Cruz joins us to take a look at the recent unbelievable cannibal news stories that have people wondering is this the dawn of a zombie apocolypse?

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FOF #1579 – El Gay Incredible Hulk

Hulk laugh!

The gay Mexican hulk of comedy, Bill Cruz, joins us to take a look at the new Avengers movie, the gay overtones in Captain America and why some folks might be left with a bad taste in their mouth after seeing this otherwise awesome film.

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