FOF #893 – The Cornfields of Iowa

Dec 8, 2008 · 1985 views

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Poor Marc! He got a chocolate advent calendar from Jonas one of our sexy Norwegian listeners and it’s real a torture, since he can only eat one candy a day, or suffer the consequences from […]


  1. Mike says:

    What an AMAZING show!!

    It was really neato to met you guys at the Word of Chocolate. I felt like Marcia Brady meeting Davey Jones.

    I’m all for a photo shoot wih Fausto!

    … but I’m leaving the midwest in a few weeks for Thailland and who knows when I’ll be back..

  2. Mike says:

    I signed up for my cell phone when I was living in a Buddhist Monastery in Northern California… so 510 is a Berkeley number.

  3. Thailand? Wowzie— well it was nice to meet you too at the World of Choc Mike!


  4. DCRyan says:

    I’d like to volunteer to participate with Adam in one of the activities on his list, he’s so sexy.

  5. Too funny regarding the regular Tuesdays where Adan gets together with his friends.

    When I was in Sagutuck over the 4th of July last year we me these guys that live in a suburb out of Detroit and they had “Pig Pile Tuesdays” Does Adam know these guys?

  6. Jimmy says:

    Adam is always one of my favorite guests can’t wait to hear this one

  7. I thought you looked familiar, Michael.Will you be at the “poker game” next Tuesday? And Jimmy, you’re one of my favorite listeners, thank you for the kind words.

  8. Loved the show the Adam. He sure has a much prettier face than Michael Phelps!

  9. Somebody likes Adam! Whoooooo-

  10. Jonas says:

    DCRYAN: Which one? The David & Goliath one? Cause if you do – I want pictures!

    Adam has a sexy voice I think, and he looks good too!

    Btw next time I’ll send you 10 advent calendars Marc, so you can indulge yourself in chocolates every day 😉

  11. DCRyan says:

    DEFINITELY the David & Goliath one! You so dirty Jonas, I love it.

  12. I’ve been a good boy and have been sharing the candy with guests.

  13. He’s right, he gave me one and it was delicious–I couldn’t stop talking about it.

    Alright, DCRYAN, are you going to meet with Christian83, Micahel Montoya and me Tuesday? Who else wants to go?

  14. Rhea says:

    Are the Kinder chocolates in the Advent calendar the same kind they use for the eggs?

    Adam, finding men to help you on your f**kit list list shouldn’t be a problem for you– funny is sexy, and you are way cuter than Michael Phelps.

  15. pjs46 says:

    The right fit for a lesbian on the show

  16. Jonas says:

    Rhea; if you’re any bit as funny live as you’re on here you really should try and guest the show! It wouldn’t only help to fill the lesbian quota. 😉

  17. Jonas says:

    Oops I didn’t get to finish that last sentence there:

    What I meant was:

    It wouldn’t only help to fill the lesbian quota, but also be hilarious! 🙂

  18. Damn to bad I live in San Francisco, I definitely want pictures.

    I agree with all of the above Adam is way sexier than phelps and sexier voice. That mixed with satire is HOT

  19. Robbie says:

    I just wanted to help up the number of total comments so Adam feels good about himself.

  20. Rhea says:

    Aw, Jonas, you’re too kind! 🙂

    I think Adam can fill the lesbian quota– he’s got the right haircut!

  21. Saulo says:

    Great and delicious chocolate-flavored show!!!
    and… ahhhhhh… Adam…. *sighs*

  22. Thanks, Robbie, it was hit or miss there for a while.

    Rhea, do I have a lesbian haircut? No wonder Home Depot keeps asking me if I’m looking for a job.

    Thanks for all the kind words about my voice. The truth is, I had a cold during the recording and shortly following the show I went to band practice. We’re an entire Macy Gray cover-band. Any ideas for our name?

  23. RcktMan says:

    I really enjoyed today’s show… you three have so much fun together and your laughing makes ME laugh. I love that. 🙂

    Adam, you sounded just like me yesterday… SO stuffed up. Gotta love Chicago winters!! UGH! And yeah… Michael who? Phelps has nothing on you, you sexy stud. 🙂

    Marc, I just know you’re going to have that whole calendar eaten in a week. That is, if you’re anything like me. Patience is not one of my stronger suits, and I have a feeling you won’t want to wait for that delicious candy.

  24. RcktMan says:

    Oh BTW… I remember the last time you guys played The Sensual Black Woman on the show… that is THE funniest thing I’ve heard in I so damn long. Is it REALLY available on iTunes??? I am RUSHING there now to buy a copy if so…

  25. It is!!! Check out the “Featured Music” in the show notes. I can’t believe it. Thank you somebody out there for putting it on iTunes.

  26. J-Public says:

    the hyperlink under Adam’s name is missing an “R” in sarcastic… 🙂

  27. Zoomer says:

    Love it when Adam is on the show, even if he did steal his haircut from lesbians. The nerve. But all is forgiven because he’s so cute and funny. Michael Phelps doesn’t have that going for him, so there.

  28. Zoomer, does that mean we’re hair-twins? That’d be delightful.

  29. Zoomer says:

    It would be delightful, Adam! You could totally be a lesbian. It’s good to have options, no?

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