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FOFA #1155 – Gagalicious Live Show from Steamworks

Teri Yaki was recently asked to audition for “America’s Got Talent’ based on her her performance in this live show at Steamworks. Congrats Teri Yaki!

Today we put our homemade gyroscopic metal outfits to the test for a live show at the sexiest place on earth: Steamworks.

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FOF #1232 – Gagapalooza

All hail our supreme commander- Lady Gaga! This weekend Lady Gaga invaded Chicago and like Queen Amidala in Star Wars, she came with many drag queen look alikes who were spotted throughout the city. From downtown to Boystown- we all have Gaga fever.

Joining us today is Curtis Jensen as we dish up the good, the ugly and the fabulous, from hunks, to skunks and drunks and the mad mayhem at the Steamworks Twisted Twister booth at the gay Northalsted Market Days Festival.

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2010 Northalsted Market Days Photos

Most agree that, in Chicago, the Northalsted Market Days street fair marks the transition from “fun summer” to the more dreaded “sweltering summer.” In other words, the only thing lying between Chicago and snow, is […]

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FOF #1231 – Prop 8 Blowback Mountin’

Prop 8 has been overturned, whee! But a hater’s work is to fight against civil rights and as long as they are getting paid, they’ll do the job.

Still, we’re confident that soon everyone will be able to marry each other, everybody except robots.

Today we’re joined by robot-loving Curtis Jensen to talk about what some of the haters are doing to foil equality.

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FOF #1222 – I’m Burning Up

We are gearing up for Market Days, Chicago’s hottest street fair located in the heart of Boystown. Join us this year at Steamworks‘ booth and play Twister with some of the Midwest’s hottest hunks dressed in swimsuits.

Cabaret baby Melissa Young joins us to give an update on her weight loss regiment and her all cat cabaret show. Plus, all the hot news.

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FOF #1198 – How to Love Sex and the City 2

Bow down to the high priestesses of sex, friendship and fashion! Sex and the City 2 hit theaters last night and we loved it. This champagne soaked, roller coaster ride of fun features a lot of over-the-top fashion, hunky guys and an gay wedding officiated by Liza Minnelli, who sings and dances Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

And because of all these great reasons, the new Sex in the City movie is getting panned.

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FOF #1171 – Baptism by Steam Heat

Cameron’s comedy album has dropped! Join us as Cameron talks about making the album performing at our live show at Steamworks bath house for men. Find out what Cameron thinks of the space, the naked men and the mouthwash drinking fountain.

Plus all the hot news: Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, a gay rights advocate dies on the plane that killed the Polish president, Designing Women actress Dixie Carter dies and the little actor who played the coroner in The Wizard of Oz is now ‘really most sincerely dead’ himself. He was 94.

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VIDEO: Fabulous Clips from Our Live Show at Steamworks

In cased you missed the live taping of our podcast from Steamworks, Chicago photographer Jason Smith put together this high definition assortment of clips from the event.

The video imagery is luscious, and it’s always a great whenever we can incorporate George Takei into the video.

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FOF #1155 – Gagalicious Live Show from Steamworks

Get ready to release the pressure! Today we put our homemade gyroscopic metal outfits to the test for a live show at the sexiest place on earth: Steamworks gym sauna and baths. Listen to the hilarious Keith Ecker, Teri Yaki, and Cameron Esposito with special musical guest Stephen Leonard.

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PHOTO: Fierce Aquatic Gagaesque Steamworks Photo of Fausto Fernós by Curtis Jensen

There were a million lights and laughs at our live show Friday night at Steamworks. Here is one amazing photo of Fausto taken by Curtis Jensen. Stay tuned, more to come!

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