FOF #889 – Milk and Meat

Dec 2, 2008 · 1985 views

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we’re stuck with a fridge full of delicious food, the only problem is it’s all TURKEY. What do you do with leftovers when the holidays have come and gone? […]


  1. Loved the Rosie sound bites!!! She plays my favorite tard 🙂 Guess I will have to check her bombing out on youtube then…

  2. Michael says:

    It’s always so much fun to hang out with you boys!!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Great show thx for posting

  4. Rhea says:

    Hurray for the three pandas! Michael is always a hoot.

    Marc and Fausto, I hope that basher gets what he deserves– a sad, miserable life for a sad, miserable loser. As you’ve said before, straight men who are secure about their sexuality don’t care about who’s kissing whom– they’re perfectly happy chasing women and eating pork rinds.

  5. JavierJ says:

    I’m glad you brought up this Anderson Cooper and Michael Phelps issue. My question is how can I get CNN AND CBS to pay me to flirt with ugly people (in the case of Michael Phelps–I’m sorry, there’s something about his chin and teeth that freak me out)? (I have plenty of experience from my twenties hitting on ugly guys in SF–SF people, you know what I am talking about). This is the second time, to my knowledge, that 60 Minutes sends Anderson Cooper out to flirt with a guy (remember that Beckham interview?). I didn’t even see the interview–I downloaded the podcast–and I could HEAR him being goofy and tripping over himself. I mean, I’m not hating on the whole thing, just hating on those interviews being passed off as journalism. I’m happy to watch AC interview people in a swimsuit, but maybe it could be, like, a variety show and not (alleged) news.

  6. JavierJ- are you saying AC’s interview of MP was porn disguised as TV journalism?

    You have a point, but if I were in Silver Daddy’s shoes I would have probably done the same thing, only tried to make out with the guy.

    He moved like an EEL through the water! yikes!!! That’s pretty sexy. Anderson found out just how freaky hot Michael Phelps was, which is the point of journalism.

  7. Xavi says:

    ha! I was curious what exactly your facebook update meant. I was in iowa at least 45 minutes from a theater playing milk. besides my huzzband would have killed me if I had seen it without him. thanks for the chuckle.

    speaking of chuckle (and michael phelps)…in today’s wall street journal there was a full page ad congratlating michael on being name the SI jock of the year. anyone who has ever lived or travelled in Asia will have a good laugh. the picture is a very flattering shot of michael taking a sh*t.

  8. Xavi says:

    i’m at the gym listening to this show….i just got to the end. who knew my comment about michael would be so fitting!

  9. SAL-E says:

    Sha- Nay yur BABY!
    Rosie makes me giggle…………I am sure the words she speaks have meaning, to me they just sound funny.
    Love ya

  10. Fishsauce says:

    Missed you guys SOOO much! Thanks for another fantastic show.

  11. input your comment here…

    I found it a little bit ironic that you began the show talking about how much food you had left over from your thanksgiving and how you might have to throw away lots of your turkey and that this was a great American custom and then went on to blast Rosie for showing her gratuitous wealth on TV…

  12. CharlesVer33 says:

    You know these guys are kidding, right? I love you Fausto, Marc and Michael, but you guys don’t strike me as people who waste food! (Pointing to midsection.)

    I saw the Thanksgiving catastrophe, and I also thought it was rude of Rosie to flaunt her wealth and connections to an audience at home who is barely scraping by.

    Making a thanksgiving turkey and saying you can’t eat another bite, knowing full well that even the leftovers will be picked clean, and doing a strip tease about expensive products is worlds away.

  13. I have to admit that I sometimes freeze stuff thinking I’ll eat it later and then find that by the time I get around to eating it, it’s freezer burned. Maybe there is some irony there but I have good intentions.

    I really didn’t care that she gave all that stuff away to people (I’m not Grinch) but what I didn’t like about the segment is that we were all tricked into watching a commercial and burlesque.

  14. dillgrok says:

    lmfao! where can one find a podcast that discusses the fine points of the phrase “getting his fruit and nuts out”

    Great show!

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