FOF #2331 – Even Bears Get the Blues

May 19, 2016 · 1985 views

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There’s no doubt that bears have foraged for themselves a supportive community in the dark woods of the gay forest, but it’s not always a jamboree- a new study says that many bears suffer from low self-esteem.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to look the perils and pleasures faced by the average gay bear and why Grumpy Bear was the smartest of all the Care Bears.


  1. Yay it’s Cody! I need to admit when Feast of Fun was on break while traveling and going to conventions I listened to TomeFoolery to get my FoF family fix. I listened from the current one and working backwards. I ended up with the one with Marc and Fausto as guests. Then FoF was back!!

    Now to drive into work and plug into the show… I can’t wait

    • Well, gosh, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the episodes of Tomefoolery you listened to! *gets the vapors*

      • I am starting to become really critical of the book I am currently reading…. so that is from you Cody. I think this book needed an editor or it just started off really numerically intense. I was happy to hear another FoF family member of Jeffrey Jay on the latest recording. I also subscribed to Tomefoolery. ::tips my hat::

        Fausto, I became super giddy when Tom Goss’ Bears was the intro to the show. It, too, is one of my favorite songs… even outside of FoF musicians.

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