FOF #2581 – Bedrooms and Lattes

Feb 21, 2018 · 2641 views

Instagram loves to wake up to J Tyler Whitmer posing in his underwear and morning coffee. Photos: J Tyler Whitmer.

Like many gay boys who love musical theater, J Tyler Whitmer followed his dreams of performing and at the age of eleven he got cast as the lead in Oliver the Musical.

That little orphan boy who asked “please sir, may I have some more?” grew up to be a fierce actor, singer and dancer and one day on a whim, J Tyler posted photos of himself drinking his morning coffee in his well lit bedroom and it captured the imagination of folks on Instagram.

Today photographer, performer and #instagay JTyler Whitmer joins us to talk about his unlikely career as a sex symbol with a passion for design.

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Working as a backup dancer for Sherry Vine and Pandora Boxx.

How to best photograph your junk for folks on the net.

What about that photo of him with It Gets Better Dan Savage’s husband Terry Miller?

Monogamish™. J Tyler Whitmer poses with co-founder “It Gets Better” Terry Miller. Photo: J Tyler Whitmer.

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