FOF #2617 – The Makeup of Joseph Harwood

May 15, 2018 · 2506 views

The amazing makeup skills of Joseph Harwood has taught millions of people how to apply makeup on YouTube. Photos: Joseph Harwood.

Before YouTube, many folks who love to put on a lot of makeup had to rely on their friends, books and classes to get knowledge on how to develop extraordinary looks of their own. Thankfully today most folks can pick up some good tricks online and look like as if Linda Evangelista had a beautiful alien baby.

Today our guest is YouTube makeup star Joseph Harwood, winner of Simon Cowell’s YouGeneration reality contest to find the world’s next video blogging superstar. Unfortunately the show never fully got off the ground due to some controversy over crowning a gender non-conforming artist, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

Listen as Joseph Harwood talks with us on how makeup for drag queens has changed over the past decade, her life in the UK with a royal baron and living with Mosaic Syndrome, a genetic condition where males have an extra set of XX chromosomes, resulting in gender-non-conforming superpowers.

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