FOF #2743 – Frank DeCaro Dives Into Drag

May 15, 2019 · 2163 views

The Encyclopedia Queen-tannica. From left to right: Lady Bunny (photo: Steven Menendez), Tommy Femia as Judy Garland (photo: Tommy Femia), Larry Edwards “Hot Chocolate” (photo: José A Guzmán Colón), Frank DeCaro (photo: Erica Berger), Lypsinka (photo: Steven Menendez, Peaches Christ (photo: David Ayllon) and Jackie Beat (photo: Dusti Cunningham).

Since the early days of show business drag queens have turned the status quo on its head by simply dressing up in women’s clothing.

A lot has happened since Charlie Chaplin girled it up in the early days of film, a queer revolution took place, Herman Munster became a drag queen for a day, RuPaul became “Supermodel to the World” and it seems just about everyone these days is a drag queen.

Everybody. Photo: Frank DeCaro.

Today comedian Frank DeCaro joins us to talk about his new book “Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business” which takes a look at the biggest names in drag, from long gone queens of yore who sold out Broadway theaters to interviews with contemporary cross dressing legends like Lady Bunny and Coco Peru.

Listen as we chat with Frank about some of the forgotten queens from yesteryear and how the divas stack up against their famous impersonators.

Available anywhere fine books are sold. (giggles) Tink!

Featured Book:
Frank Decaro – Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business: Amazon


  1. DC_gay_man says:

    It would be wonderful if you could edit to also announce the Amazon link for the Audio Book (including what date it is to be announced). It’s sometime soon but I don’t know when to check back here. Thanks.

  2. DC_gay_man says:

    Pre-order of the audiobook is now available.

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