FOF #2793 – Making Sweet Tea

Oct 17, 2019 · 2186 views

E. Patrick Johnson next to Freddy “Mean Little Sissy” Styles and other subjects from his new documentary “Making Sweet Tea.” Photos courtesy of E. Patrick Johnson, and Fausto Fernós.

A lot has happened since author Dr. E Patrick Johhnson first came on the podcast a decade ago to talk about his groundbreaking book “Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South” – a collection of more than sixty life stories from black gay men who were born, raised and continue to live in the South.

Johnson’s book won various literary awards, got turned into a solo stage show which he performed and now it’s taken up a new life as documentary film: “Making Sweet Tea” which shows some of the book’s subjects as they brew up a fresh pot of sweet tea and chat about their lives.

Today Dr. E Patrick Johnson joins us to talk about his new documentary film “Making Sweet Tea” which is currently making the rounds at film festivals.

Listen as E Patrick shares with us stories of resiliancy among queer men of color in the south and he kicks off the podcast with an excert of Mean Little Sissy, the true story of artist Freddy Styles who sliced a bully with a razor blade when he was just a kid.

If we were wired, it’s because there’s too much sugar in that tea. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

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E Patrick Johnson – Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South: Amazon

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